ConnectCarolina/InfoPorte Newsletter  |  Date: January 24, 2016


Welcome Back!

Is your New Year’s resolution to take more training?  We invite you to check out the 2017 ConnectCarolina training schedule here.

2-Step Verification: What Is It, Why You Need It, and How to Add New Devices

Have you registered for Two-Step Verification yet?  Two-Step Verification adds a second layer of security to your online personal information, and being registered is required to see your W-2 online.  Almost five thousand employees have registered.  If you haven’t already, register today!   Registering only takes a few minutes. Go to onyen.unc.edu, scroll down, click on the Register & Manage Two-Step Verification link, and follow the prompts. For more help, visit http://help.unc.edu/duo 

If you received a new device over the holiday break, you can head to the same link (Register & Manage Two-Step Verification) to remove your old device and add a new one. Detailed instructions are available here

Spring 2017 Census On Thursday: What You Need to Know

There will be an outage affecting the Student Administration component of ConnectCarolina this Thursday, beginning at 5:00pm and ending at approximately 12:00am as part of the Spring census activities. Census is the official University enrollment reporting date.

Faculty, students and staff will NOT be able to access ConnectCarolina Student Center during this time.

The Finance component is NOT affected by this outage. For HR users, the ePAR hire form for HR/Payroll is impacted, as are some services related to Onyen, PID and Guest ID.

For information on affected components, click here

Benefits Statements, 1095C and W-2s Delivered Soon

The payroll team is finishing up W-2s, and you will soon receive paper copies, as well as be able to access them online if you have registered for 2-Step Verification. The tax document that details your healthcare benefits for the Affordable Care Act, 1095c, will also be delivered in early March. In late February, you’ll receive your benefit statement, which gives you a snapshot of your compensation, enrolled benefits, and the amount the University has paid toward your retirement and medical benefits.

Having Trouble Seeing Signatures in Firefox?

If you use Mozilla Firefox to access ConnectCarolina, you may notice that you can’t view PDF attachments that contain signatures. If you are noticing this issue, we recommend that you either switch to Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, or that you change your Firefox options to open PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. For more information on how to adjust settings, click here

Enter More than One Line on Correcting Journal Entries

Have you entered a correcting journal lately?  If the answer is yes, you might have noticed that you can now enter more than one line. You’ll also notice a different look to correcting journal entries. For more info on all of the new features, watch the recording of the Campus Journal Entries: Correcting JE Enhancements webinar, available here.

Security Audits for ConnectCarolina are Underway Again

Twice a year the ConnectCarolina team conducts an audit of who has access to ConnectCarolina to make sure everything is correct and secure. It’s that time for Human Resources. System security audit reports have been sent to campus departments and central offices. They are due by January 31st. 

Month-End Snapshots Help Departments Manage State Funds

To make reconciling your accounts easier and help you manage State funds, a new set of reports in InfoPorte gives you static snapshot of transactions and budget balances for State funds. Whether you look at a report right after a month is closed or several months later, the report doesn’t change. October through December of 2016 are currently available.

Similar reports are being developed for F&A, Trust, and OSR funds and will be available later this year. These reports are generated right after Accounting Services closes a month and are delivered in PDF and Excel (CSV format) files.

To view and download the reports, log into InfoPorte and follow this menu path: Finance > Monthly Reports > and use the filters to find the reports for your department.

To learn more about these reports, check out the guidewebinar slides and webinar recording  on ccinfo.unc.edu.

New Payroll Suspense Will Eliminate Need for Commitment Accounting Lockouts

Commitment Accounting lockouts are becoming a thing of the past. Beginning with the M07 payroll distributions, which pays January 31, 2017, funding end dates will be treated as hard deadlines when payroll is distributed. That means any payroll charges with expired funding end dates will be sent to payroll suspense.

If you are in charge of reviewing payroll funding sources, you can use the Current Suspense Charges report and the Suspense Analysis Report to review which of your payroll transactions have gone to suspense. It's a good idea to move those charges to the appropriate funding sources as soon as possible.

Going forward, you can use the Funding End Date Notification Report to see sources that may be sent to suspense in the future and, if needed, you can submit an ePAR to update the employee’s funding sources. Training on these reports is available at ccinfo.unc.edu. If you have any questions, you can email ca_payroll@unc.edu.  

New Applications Opening in Slate Soon

Four new applications will be opening in Slate next month.  Last year, the University began using Slate as an Admissions application and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.  Slate is used for applications, tracking and communicating with prospects, and tracking events.  Currently, Slate is used for reviewing applications to:

• School of Medicine

• The Graduate School

• Kenan-Flagler Business School

• The Law School

• School of Education

• School of Public Health

• Allied Health

• School of Journalism

Intra-transfer applications are also reviewed using Slate. The new applications that are opening in Slate next month are:

• Undergraduate CORE certificates

• Summer School

• The Friday Center


CCinfo.unc.edu: More Searchable & Easier to Navigate

The ConnectCarolina team is continuing to improve navigation for ccinfo.unc.edu. We’re adding keywords to make items more searchable and adding advanced search options so that you can more easily find resources tailored for finance, human resources or student administration. In the next few weeks, look for menu improvements tailored to your role, such as pages for those who place ePro orders or for HR representatives.


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