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Coming Soon: A Report to Help You Track Affiliates

New Report Makes Decision-Making Around Employee Funding Easier

More Consistent Way of Determining Residency for Students 

Mihaela Cornea Elected to HEUG Technical Advisory Group

New Journal Sources

Early Monday Morning is the ConnectCarolina Maintenance Window

W-2s  Available Online

Tax Season is Phishing Season - Stay Vigilant

CA Lockouts Are a Thing of the Past

New Look When Logging Into ConnectCarolina and Issues & Fixes Page

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Coming Soon: A Report to Help You Track Affiliates

A new Affiliate report is on its way to you. This report helps with tracking all active affiliates or affiliates terminated in the last year. This report also makes it easier to track start and end dates for affiliates, so that originators can end or extend University affiliations (such as One Card access and email aliases).  If you submit HR funding, student, or affiliate actions or if you are an HR representative, you’ll automatically receive access to this InfoPorte report.

This report shows and lets you filter by this information: 

•             affiliate names

•             PID numbers

•             department

•          status

•             sponsor name

•             affiliate type

•             effective start

•             end date 

New Report Makes Decision-Making Around Employee Funding Easier

The new Salary Funding Report provides a single place to go to see how employees’ salaries are funded and the amount of salary budgeted to each source. Before this report, Finance and HR staff were creative about how they found this information, for example by creating ePAR forms to see an employee’s funding sources or using the Payroll Accounting Adjustment Tool (PAAT) to correct funding immediately after payroll was processed.  Staff members can now run a detailed report on a large number of employees before the payroll deadline, using a variety of search options to narrow the information to exactly what they need. With this report, managers have a tool that makes it easier to make funding-related decisions (like those related to the Annual Raise Process or specific grants or departments).

To learn more about the report, click here.  And if you happen to see Crystal Jackson or Ryan Fulcher around campus, let them know that you like the new Salary Funding Report, since they worked especially hard to make it a reality. 

More Consistent Way of Determining Residency for Students

UNC General Administration has started using a new process to determine NC Residency for tuition purposes, beginning with undergraduate students.  The College Foundation created an online interview for GA to allow applicants to determine residency in one place for all NC system schools they’re applying to. That way, applicants receive the same residency determination for every school they apply to in the North Carolina system.

This new system validates the information applicants enter using information from the IRS, Department of Transportation, and other sources so that determinations are more accurate. The launch date for undergrads is 2/20/2017, and graduate and professional school applicants are scheduled to start using the tool in January of 2018.

Mihaela Cornea Elected to HEUG Technical Advisory Group

Congrats to our very own Mihaela Cornea, who was recently elected to serve a 3-year commitment to Technical Advisory Group for the Higher Education Users Group (HEUG).  HEUG members come from higher education institutions all over the world that use PeopleSoft (the software that is a key component of ConnectCarolina). This advisory group has direct input into enhancements for PeopleSoft and also helps develop the program for the annual Alliance conference. This year’s Alliance conference will be held in Las Vegas February 27- March 2. Mihaela was nominated by Julie Dockens, manager for Enterprise Applications Admissions and Financial Aid. 

New Journal Sources in CBM

The following services now use the Customer Billing Management (CBM) system to create journals and use the department default if there are chartstring or budget errors:

• GradStar and GShip began using CBM on Oct 27, 2016. 

• ITS/Telecom Billing began using CBM Feb. 2017.

• Enterprise Car Rental is a new service that will be replacing Carolina Motor Pool. 

• PrintStop, now found under the Printing billing area, began using CBM in Dec. 2016.

Early Monday Morning is the ConnectCarolina Maintenance Window 

To keep ConnectCarolina running in the best of health, the ConnectCarolina team does maintenance each week by installing needed patches and updates. To be less disruptive to your work, maintenance for ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte is scheduled each week on Mondays from 5:00 to 7:00 am.  The system is often unavailable during this time, so if you usually like to start work before dawn, you may want to sleep a little later on Mondays.

W-2s Available Online

Since January 27, more than 9,100 people have registered for 2-Step Verification, and 7,100 people have accessed their W-2s in ConnectCarolina. Were you one of those? If not, you can learn more about 2-Step Verification here, and register here.

Tax Season is Phishing Season - Stay Vigilant

Tax season is phishing season, so stay alert for suspicious emails. While your online W-2s are protected by 2-Step Verification, phishing scams are very active during this period. Be extra vigilant for phishing emails, including those that may appear to be from the IRS, the ITS Service desk, or ConnectCarolina. Be careful not to click on any link in these emails. Forward campus phishing emails to phish@unc.edu and IRS phishing emails to phishing@irs.gov. Visit https://its.unc.edu/phish-alerts/ to see reported and confirmed phish attempts.


Commitment Accounting Lockouts a Thing of The Past

For those of you who submit HR actions, you no longer need to work around the CA lockouts that kept you out of the system every time payroll needed to be distributed.  Most lockouts happened after hours, but sometimes there was a time-sensitive need to distribute payroll during normal business hours.

The CA lockouts were able to go away because, starting with last month’s M07 payroll distribution, funding end dates are now treated as hard deadlines. That means any payroll that is distributed to funding sources that have expired are sent to suspense accounts instead. (A suspense account basically holds the funds until they can be moved to the correct account.)

One important reason we need to send payroll distributions to suspense rather than to expired funding sources is that rules and regulations specify that payroll cannot be charged to contracts and grants that have passed their end dates.  Another reason is that if there’s an issue with an employee’s funding, the employee’s pay isn’t held up while the funding issue is researched and resolved.

New Look When Logging Into ConnectCarolina and Issues & Fixes Page

You may have noticed a cleaner look to the Announcements section on the home page of ConnectCarolina. New short, easy-to-read headlines alert you to information and outages to keep in mind. You can click the links on the headlines to read more in-depth information on the Issues & Fixes page on ccinfo.unc.edu.

Speaking of the Issues & Fixes page, it’s now easier to distinguish between current and closed issues, and older issues and fixes have been moved to an Archives page.


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