ConnectCarolina/InfoPorte Newsletter  |  February 25, 2018

Changes to Commitment Control's Ledger Groups Coming Soon

Beginning July 1, if you use ConnectCarolina for entering transactions, you may notice that budget checking runs a little more quickly.  If you use the system for keeping track of your budget as well, you may notice some other changes. Why Are We Changing? ConnectCarolina organizes expense and revenue ledgers into groups and currently, there are 18 ledger groups.  Every time you make a …

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Webinar: Commitment Control's Ledger Group Changes for FY2018

Tune in on Wednesday, May 17th from 1 to 2 PM to learn about how Commitment Control's ledger groups being simplified for FY2018. In this webinar we’ll discuss the new FAST ledger groups that combine the F&A, State, and trust ledgers together to improve system performance, reduce complexity, and reduce the amount of data the system needs to manage. While most of the changes are behind the scenes, we’ll discuss how these changes affect how you enter budget journals and transfers, run budget inquiries in ConnectCarolina, and how you view budgets and transactions reports in InfoPorte. We’ll have a few budget experts on hand to answer your questions as well. Click here to join the webinar.

Upcoming Summer I Census: Outage Planned for May 22 from 5pm-12am

Outage Monday, May 22:  As part of the Summer I census activities, there will be an outage affecting the Student Administration component of ConnectCarolina on Monday, May 22nd, from 5:00pm to approximately 12:00am  Census is the official date the  University reports enrollment. Faculty, students and staff will NOT be able to access ConnectCarolina Student Center during this time. The Finance component is NOT affected by this …

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Reminder:  Fiscal Year End Page on CCinfo.unc.edu, Clean-Up Queries Classes

If your job duties include preparing for fiscal year end, remember the 2017 Fiscal Year-End web page on CCinfo.unc.edu gives you a central place to go to find deadlines, memos, and checklists. Also remember that the “Queries for Cleaning up Transactions” course teaches you how to run queries to identify “in-flight” transactions that need attention before year end. For upcoming dates and to register, check the training schedule on CCinfo.unc.edu. 

Off the Hook: How UNC ITS fights phishing

Have you ever received a “phishy” email asking you to confirm or verify your account? Phishing scams have increased significantly in the past year, says Lyndon Joyce, ITS User Support and Engagement lead. Phishing is when people attempt to gather personal information such as usernames, passwords, bank account or credit card information through malicious email links or attachments. Usually, …

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