Faculty and Staff: ConnectCarolina Changes Aug. 15

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Faculty, advisors and student services staff use ConnectCarolina to complete a variety of Student Administrative tasks. On August 15, the “face” of ConnectCarolina — the portal interface — will change.The new ConnectCarolina portal interface displays all Student Administration functions on the left side of the screen, rather than in separate centers along the bottom of the screen (i.e., Faculty Center, Advisor Center). The functionality faculty, advisors, and student service staff use has not changed. The access point to ConnectCarolina – connectcarolina.unc.edu –remains the same. There will be no impact on any saved favorites, which will still be available.

The actions under Student Information & Admin, including Faculty Center and Advisor Center, are now under Student Administration in the left navigation. Here is an example:



In addition to reorganizing the links to various student systems actions, the change also prepares for the addition of new Finance, Human Resources and Payroll applications to ConnectCarolina which will occur on October 1. The transition of Finance and HR/Payroll to ConnectCarolina begins in mid-September. Legacy systems will be frozen, data converted and the new system prepared for use. This will require some outages which will affect purchasing, hiring, and more (check with your school/unit business office for details).

Outages are being limited to the shortest periods possible. Please note that there will be an outage of Student Administration from Fri., Sept. 26, 5pm to Mon., Sept. 29, 8am.

Awareness and preparation now may save difficulties during the cutover period; the documents on this webpage will help with readiness: http://ccinfo.unc.edu/go-live/how-to-prepare/

Questions and comments: http://ccinfo.unc.edu/about/submit-your-feedback/