HR and Payroll

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Click here for information on the HR/Payroll legacy systems. Click here to visit the Human Resources website.

The University is using Oracle’s PeopleSoft to replace its administrative systems. A separate tool, PeopleAdmin, has been implemented for Recruiting.  The ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll project is a collaborative effort involving IT and HR/Payroll staff from central offices as well as representatives from schools and units across campus.


HR Payroll Stakeholders December 2013

Campus Working Groups

The Campus Working Groups are representatives appointed by schools and units to work with the project team on ConnectCarolina. The groups meet monthly and serve as two-way communicators between the project and campus. Read more about HR Campus Working Groups. View a list of all Campus Working Group representatives: All Campus Working Group Participants v2 July 23 2013

Why are we replacing EPAWeb, HRIS and our payroll system with ConnectCarolina?
These systems are difficult to maintain, let alone expand to meet the University’s current and future needs.  In addition, a unified administrative system such as ConnectCarolina gives the University several advantages:

  • Replacing EPAWeb, HRIS and the payroll system with Oracle’s PeopleSoft gives the University a stable and sustainable platform on which to build future enhancements
  • Improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of the University’s administrative functions through a unified system and common, consistent business processes
  • Significant upgrades in data collection and analysis through robust data warehouses and dynamic reporting tools

Some important things to know about ConnectCarolina

Stable Platform Positions Us for Greater Opportunities in the Future
Buying PeopleSoft, an “off the shelf” system, gives UNC-Chapel Hill a stable platform to grow from.   Once we have made the switch to PeopleSoft and worked out the kinks, we will be able to add new features more quickly and easily.

We Adapt to the Software, and the System is Continually Improving
The tradeoff of using an off-the-shelf software is that, for the most part, we have to adapt to the software. That means that we will need to make changes to our business processes. On the other hand, we benefit when PeopleSoft uses its resources to make enhancements and changes required by regulation. This is why we want to keep the system as “vanilla” as possible — so we can take advantage of all the upgrades as they happen, without having to rework a lot of modifications.

The Benefits of a Single, Integrated System
The PeopleSoft modules fit together like pieces of a puzzle to make one comprehensive system. The student applications lock in to the HR modules which in turn lock in to the Finance applications.  With reporting, information is consistent and easier to access across the Student, HR, Finance, and Payroll applications. In addition, new reporting tools will make it easier for schools and departments to build custom reports, without having to request reports from ITS or the central offices.

Less Error Checking During the Process, More Pre- and Post-Audit Processes
In our homegrown HR and Finance systems, each transaction has our custom error checks built in to it.  PeopleSoft operates under a philosophy of fewer error checks while a transaction is being entered, balanced by more auditing reports. When you’re making the switch to PeopleSoft, you will have lots of training and written step-by-step procedures to help you make the right choices and enter information correctly.