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Each time you are paid, a direct deposit paystub provides a statement of your earnings and deductions for that pay period. Beginning Oct. 1, 2014, the ConnectCarolina payroll system will accurately calculate your earnings, withhold any applicable taxes, and withhold for payroll deductions that apply to you. The new payroll system has been extensively tested and has proven to be very reliable.

How to Access Your Paystub (after Oct. 1, 2014)

To access your pay information, go to and select “Login to ConnectCarolina (faculty, staff and alumni).” Use your Onyen to log in, and click on the SelfService tab on the left. Select “View Paycheck” to see or print your most recent paystub.

You can also select “View Paychecks before 10/1/14” to view or print paystubs issued on the former payroll system.
If you have issues accessing your paystub, please contact your School/Division HR Office for assistance.
Your leave information is provided in the upper right corner of the paystub. These amounts are your leave totals as of the end of the prior pay cycle.

Small Changes in the Appearance of Your Paystub After October 1

Click for an enlarged view of a ConnectCarolina paystub.
Get an enlarged view of a ConnectCarolina paystub.

For pay dates that occur after October 1, 2014, you will notice a slightly different appearance for your direct deposit paystub. The payroll data will be correct, although there will be some appearance differences on your paystub where your earnings and deductions are displayed.

For the most part, your paystub will look the same as the one you are used to, but there are a few differences to be aware of.

One change relates to how the deductions for these three plans are listed on your paystub:
•    NCFlex Critical Illness
•    Reliance Standard Accidental Death and Dismemberment
•    MetLife Group Term Life Insurance

For these three plans, you’ll see separate deductions for yourself and, if applicable, your spouse and your children. For example, if you cover both a spouse and children for the NCFlex Critical Illness plan, you’ll see a deduction for yourself, one for your spouse, and one for your children.

Click the image at right for an example of the new paystub format, or download the paystub example in PDF for a bigger view.  The important thing to remember is that the total amount is the same. ConnectCarolina just shows a little more detail.

Another change to be aware of is that the ConnectCarolina payroll system uses extremely accurate and precise mathematical rounding.  What this means is that the amounts on your pay stub may differ by a few pennies from the amounts you are used to.  These small differences aren’t errors—they’re actually more accurate calculations of what the amounts should be.

More Information

paystub-cbt-adYou may want to view this Computer Based Training (CBT) on Accessing Your Paystub in ConnectCarolina.

See below to read the memo that was sent with the Sept. 19 pay notification email about these changes, and please post the paystub poster in a prominent place for your staff.


Paystub Changes Memo (English) Paystub Changes Memo (Spanish)
Paystub Changes Memo (Burmese)
Paystub Changes Memo (Karen)
Paystub Poster – A letter-sized poster explaining how to locate your paystub in ConnectCarolina.  Please print, display or otherwise share with your staff or colleagues.
Paystub Poster (English) Paystub Poster (Spanish) Paystub Poster (Burmese)
Paystub Changes (Karen)