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For the most up-to-date system status, please go to

Help Desk: 919-962-HELP or

We appreciate your cooperation and support as we continue to make ConnectCarolina more efficient for our users.

Post Apr. 18 Outage Impact on Users

To enhance security for ConnectCarolina, over the weekend ITS separated ConnectCarolina into its own unique domain.  We have tested this change and expect minimal impact on users.  To prevent possible login problems, please restart your computer before logging into ConnectCarolina for the first time after the weekend outage (Apr. 18, 2015).  If you get this error message: “You have exceeded maximum login attempts in 24 hours,” you must call the Help Desk at 919-962-HELP to resolve the issue.

We expect minimal impact to end users.  However, for  those who use bookmark or use direct links to ConnectCarolina, we recommend bookmarking

Additionally if pop-up blocker settings have been made to allow pop ups for ConnectCarolina, then that setting should be changed in the following ways:

  • From –   to –
  • From –  to –
  • From –  to -
  • From –  to –

Please note:

  • For individuals who have restricted blocked popups from specific urls, they can change it to allow *
  • does NOT change
  • This change impacts end-user access and should not impact web services

We have tested this change and don’t anticipate issues.  However, if you uncover any problems, call 919-962-HELP or submit an online help request ticket to ConnectCarolina Portal.


Recommended Browsers for ConnectCarolina

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Safari (Mac OS X)

Google Chrome

IE 9 or greater
Operating system:
Windows 7 and above
Windows XP and Vista are NOT recommended
Firefox 26-30 (Windows)
Operating system: Windows 7 and above
Windows XP and Vista are NOT recommended

NOTE: ITS does not recommend the use of Safari. Some ConnectCarolina functions may work, others may not. If issues are encountered, please switch to another browser.

Operating System: MAC OS X 10.6 or greater

Chrome 28 or greater

Other browsers have not been tested and may not be compatible with PeopleSoft. Download supported browsers at the ITS Shareware site.

If you are using a supported browser and still experience issues, please try the following:

Compatibility View in Internet Explorer (IE):
ConnectCarolina will work best if the Compatibility View is turned on in IE. Look under Tools in the browser bar for more information.

Note about Compatibility View: Using Internet Explorer with Compatibility View turned on to work in ConnectCarolina may affect the performance and appearance of other University sites, including this one.  If you experience issues like web content not displaying on a University site, turn off Compatibility View or use a different web browser when you visit that site.

Operational Support

The first stop for help with ConnectCarolina is the Help Desk (ITRC) which can be reached by calling (919) 962-HELP or logging a Remedy Ticket (help request) through online help support ( Faculty, staff and current students can login at to Submit a Help Request.

Functional assistance is available from the operational office: