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What Kind of Training is Available?

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Training Attendance Unique People Who Have Been Trained in the Classroom
Computer-Based Training Views (1819 unique people)

Numbers last updated 10/7

What Kind of Training is Available?

The ConnectCarolina team wants everyone who will be using the system to receive the training they need, plus, training is required for access to ConnectCarolina (except for some functions open to everyone such as viewing your paycheck or registering for professional development classes). Because so many people need training, we are delivering training in a variety of ways (most courses are offered only one way):

  • Classroom training: hands-on training in a classroom setting
  • Computer-based training (CBT): training you access from a website and take at your own pace
  • Webinar: brief training sessions taught by a live instructor over a website
  • Large venue demos: live presentations in lecture-hall settings (to complement CBT sessions)
Looking for training on ConnectCarolina – Campus Solutions? Visit the Registrar’s Office training site.

Online Training Now Available to Faculty and Staff

Unlimited free access to, the online video training library of more than 1,900 software, career development and technology training titles, is now available to all University faculty and staff. To access, go to the UNC-Chapel Hill Sign-In and log on with your Onyen and password.

Training archive:

Training schedule leading up to go-live

Cohorts for training prior to go-live