The tables below include brief descriptions of the ConnectCarolina training sessions available to ConnectCarolina users on campus. Click the course name to review a brief outline of what the course covers.

FinanceHR/PayrollStudent AdministrationReporting and Document ManagementFor All Faculty and Staff


Course NameTypeCourse DescriptionReq’d for Access?
Making University DepositsClassroomThis course covers the high-level concepts and ConnectCarolina tasks necessary to process incoming payments at the department or school level.Yes
Managing Budgets & Creating Budget JournalsClassroomThis course gives an introduction to how budgeting works in ConnectCarolina and shows how to create budget journals and budget transfers. It also explains how to budget pre-check transactions (such as purchase requests), and how to resolve budget errors.Yes
Creating Campus VouchersClassroomThis course explains how to create, maintain and monitor campus vouchers which are used to pay invoices.Yes
Creating Journal EntriesClassroomThis course provides an overview of the campus journal process, demonstrates how to create journal entries according to the transaction type, explains how to identify and resolve journal edit and budget checking errors, and how to monitor journal status.Yes
Creating Purchase Requisitions and ReceivingClassroomThis course explains how to create purchase requisitions for goods or services that require a purchase order. Purchase requistions are required for purchasing goods and services over $5,000. Topics include creating purchase requisitons, managing requisitons, processing change orders, and receiving.Yes
Requesting Vendors and Independent ContractorsClassroomThis course covers the processes and tasks necessary to request a new vendor or independent contractor, or make changes to existing vendors and independent contractors.Yes
Managing Budgets and Creating Budget Journals (if not taught by the Change Management Team for your school/division)ClassroomThis course covers advanced budgeting and financial transactions, such as managing budget attributes, analyzing budgets, viewing with salary source and fringe benefits, defining with program and cost codes, approving financial transactions, and running reports and inquiries.Yes
Intro to the New Version of eProRecorded WebinarThis webinar explains how ordering from catalog vendors like Staples and Fisher Scientific is changing as a result of moving to a new version of ePro. The ordering process is very similar, but the look and feel of ePro is changing.No
Managing Petty Cash in ConnectCarolinaRecorded WebinarThis webinar explains how to create a campus voucher to replenish petty cash.No
P-Card ChangesRecorded WebinarThis webinar covers changes to the P-Card system, including the use of the new chartfields.No
Changes to WebTravelRecorded WebinarThis webinar explains changes to the Web Travel system, including key changes to chartfields and approvals. It also explains how the FRED routing tool will continue to route these transactions and explains changes to the CABS system.No
ConnectCarolina 101: Getting Started and Accessing ConnectCarolinaComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course explains what ConnectCarolina is, how to sign on and off and manage your session, how employee roles determine system access and how to secure your session.No
ConnectCarolina 101: Navigating ConnectCarolina (Finance Application)Computer-based trainingThis self-paced course covers topics such as accessing and navigating the system, working with Favorites, using search functions and working in multiple sessions.No
ConnectCarolina 101: Navigating ConnectCarolinaComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course provides an introduction to ConnectCarolina including navigation, and searching for information.No
Chartfields 101: Understanding ConnectCarolina ChartfieldsComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course explains the chartfield structure in ConnectCarolina, including a thorough description and examples of each chartfield.No
Requesting New Chartfield ValuesComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course covers how to request new chartfield values, request a new Source, delete a Source request and deactivate a Source.No
Ordering from the ePro Vendor CatalogsComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course complements the ePro webinar, and explains how to order from the catalogs available in ePro, such as Staples and Fisher Scientific. The new ordering process is very similar to the current one, but the look and feel of ePro is changing.No
Managing Assets for Campus DepartmentsComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course describes how to identify what assets are tracked in the system, record an asset's move from one physical location to another, look up assets in your department and create and print a report listing the assets in your department.Yes
Approving Finance Transactions (parts 1-8)Computer-based trainingA series of short self-paced courses:
Part 1: Approving Financial Transactions
Part 2: Approving Chartfield Value Requests
Part 3: Approving Campus Journals
Part 4: Approving Budget Transactions
Part 5: Approving Campus Vouchers
Part 6: Approving Requisitions
Part 7: Approving Independent Contractors
Part 8: Approving P-Card Transactions
Understanding Budgeting in ConnectCarolinaComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course explains the benefits of budgeting in ConnectCarolina, explains how budgeting works, reviews budget checking, and explains how this functionality impacts managing budgets at the University.No
Working with P-Card TransactionsComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course covers how to sign in to the P-Card system, view general information about the P-Cards in your area, view charges and export transaction detail to Excel.No


Course NameTypeCourse DescriptionReq’d for Access?
ConnectCarolina Actions for HR RepresentativesClassroomThis multi-part, instructor-led course explains how to perform all types of complex actions in ConnectCarolina, including hiring faculty and staff, and performing status change actions such as leave and terminations. It also introduces participants to the available reporting options and explains the approvals process.Yes
Approving and Viewing HR ActionsClassroomThis instructor-led course provides an overview of the HR/Payroll system and explains how to approve HR actions in ConnectCarolina.Yes
Using the ImageNow Client ClassroomThis course covers the use of the ImageNow client for the high volume document imaging needs of campus libraries and Disbursement Services. Topics include scanning documents, indexing them for storage, searching for documents, and viewing them.Yes
Adding or Updating AffiliatesComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course explains what an affiliate is, how to complete the Add or Update an Affiliate ePAR form and the process for requesting a PID for an affiliate.Yes
HR Basic Originators (Parts 1-5)
Computer-based trainingA series of self-paced courses:
Part 1: HR Overview
Part 2: Understanding Employee Funding
Part 3: Entering Funding Swaps
Part 4: Adding or Updating Affiliates
Part 5: Making Lump Sum Payments
Student Originators (Parts 1-8)Computer-based trainingA series of self-paced courses:
Part 1: Introduction to Student Actions and ePAR forms
Part 2: Creating Student Positions
Part 3: Hiring an SPA Student
Part 4: Hiring an EPA Student
Part 5: Hiring a Student Into a Secondary Job
Part 6: Transferring an SPA Student
Part 7: Updating Job Records
Part 8: Change of Status
HR Approvals (Parts 1 - 4)Computer-based trainingA series of self-paced courses:
Part 1: Understanding Workflow and Viewing and Approving an ePAR
Part 2: Approving the Position ePAR Form
Part 3: Approving the Lump Sum ePAR Form
Part 4: Approving the Hire ePAR Form

Student Administration

Course NameTypeCourse DescriptionReq'd for Access?
Working with GSHIPComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course covers how to navigate to the GSHIP enrollment page, enroll a graduate student in the program and review the Monthly Statistics for GSHIP enrollment.Yes

Reporting and Document Management

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Course NameTypeCourse DescriptionReq’d for Access?
Finance Reporting for Business ManagersClassroom TrainingThis class will focus on using PeopleSoft queries to search for and analyze transactions that need attention. We will also explore the Departmental Accounting area of InfoPorte with particular attention to the reconciliation process.No
HR and Payroll Reporting with InfoPorte - Part 1Classroom TrainingThis class is a deep-dive into the HR areas of InfoPorte, exploring Employee, Positions, Payroll and Reporting features.No
HR and Payroll Reporting with InfoPorte - Part 2Classroom TrainingThis course focuses on an advanced understanding of HR and payroll reports, with special emphasis on interpreting information. We will also cover pertinent Excel tools that can help you organize your information. HR and Payroll Reporting with InfoPorte – Part 1 is recommended as a prerequisite for this class. No
InfoPorte Reporting(parts 1-7)Computer-based trainingA series of self-paced courses:
InfoPorte 1: Introduction to InfoPorte
InfoPorte 2: Finance Reports
InfoPorte 3: Reconciling Transactions
InfoPorte 4: HR Reports
InfoPorte 5: Payroll Reports
InfoPorte 6: Student
InfoPorte 7: Student Reports in InfoPorte
Running a Project Budget Overview Inquiry (formerly Grants Inquiry)Computer-based trainingThis self-paced course covers how to perform project budget overview inquiries on grants and contracts to analyze expenses.No
InfoPorte Tools (Parts 1 - 7)Computer-based trainingA series of self-paced courses:
InfoPorte 1: Using the InfoPorte Inbox Application
InfoPorte 2: Submitting HR Requests
InfoPorte 3: Submitting Finance Requests (Such as OSR Budget Revisions)
InfoPorte 4: Reservations & Data Dictionary
InfoPorte 5: Using the InfoPorte Faculty Dashboard
InfoPorte 6: Using the InfoPorte Faculty (Self Service) Application
InfoPorte 7: Using the InfoPorte Faculty Administration Review Application

For All Faculty and Staff

Course NameTypeCourse DescriptionReq’d for Access?
Viewing Your Pay Stub in ConnectCarolinaComputer-based trainingThis brief self-paced training course explains how to access and view your pay stub in ConnectCarolina.No
Registering for Office of Human Resources ClassesComputer-based trainingThis self-paced course explains how to view, register and cancel enrollment for training classes offered through the Office of Human Resources.No