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Process Overview

  • When to use a campus voucher to facilitate payment
  • High-level process including campus voucher creation, approvals and payment.

Campus Voucher

  • Creating a campus voucher
  • Understanding campus voucher components
    • Vendors: Searching, as well as high-level process for requesting new vendors or vendor updates such as address.
    • Entering chartfield accounting values. Includes expedited entry (speed charts), as well automated checking for valid entries (combo edit).
    • Budget checks and error resolution.
    • Automated system conversion process to regular voucher
    • Approval framework
    • Setting user defaults for campus voucher entry.
  • Processing a rejected voucher
  • Updating a campus voucher

Reports, Inquiry and Analysis

  • Searching for a voucher
  • Error reporting and analysis
  • Checking voucher processing status and/or approvals
  • Accounts payable reporting

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