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1. Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Classroom logistics

2. Creating Vendor Catalog Requisitions

  • Creating a New Vendor Catalog Requisition
  • Shopping a Vendor Catalog

3. Working With Vendor Catalog Requisitions Before They are Submitted

  • Attaching Documents
  • Working with the Chartfields (Including Charging One Line to Multiple Chartfields)
  • Changing the Ship to Location
  • Deleting Lines
  • Saving a Requisition
  • Entering Comments (Header and Line)
  • Submitting a Requisition

4. The Vendor Catalog Approval Process

  • Using the Approval Worklist (Departmental Approver)
  • Approving a Requisition (Departmental Approver)
  • Denying a Requisition (Department Approver)

5. Working With Vendor Catalog Requisitions After They are Submitted

  • Viewing the Comments on a Requistion that has been Denied
  • Changing and Resubmitting a Requisition
  • Displaying the Line Items and Status of a Submitted Requisition
  • Understanding How the Payment Process Works
  • Processing a Return (The user/customer will be responsible for contacting the vendor to get RMA# for any returns/credits)

6. Course Summary

  • Review objectives
  • Resources and contacts list
  • Course evaluation

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