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1. Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Classroom logistics

2. Creating Purchase Requisitions

  • Creating ┬áPurchase Requisitions
  • Entering Commodity Codes
  • Entering Comments on a Requisitions
  • Entering a Misuse
  • Entering a State/UTC Contract
  • Working with Chartfields (i.e. Asset Management, OSR, split funds, etc.)
  • Attaching Documentation to a Requisition
  • Verifying Budget is Available
  • Making Changes to a Requisition Before it has Been Submitted

3. The Approval Process

  • Understanding the Approval Process
  • Viewing the Reason a Requisition was Denied
  • Resubmitting a Denied Requisition

4. Managing Purchase Requistions

  • Viewing the Status of a Requisition
  • Canceling a Requisition
  • Printing a Requisition
  • Copying a Requisition
  • Editing an Existing Requisiton
  • Creating a Change Order

5. Receiving (For Purchase Orders)

  • Recording a Receipt
  • Making Changes to a Receipt
  • Handling Returns
  • Closing a Receipt Short

6. Course Summary

  • Review objectives
  • Resources and contacts list
  • Course evaluation

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