ConnectCarolina/InfoPorte Newsletter | April 24, 2017

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Here's your chance to tell the University leaders and the ConnectCarolina support team what you think about ConnectCarolina. Almost a thousand people have already responded, but if you haven't yet done so, you can take the survey here. We would love to know how you think we can improve the system. The survey is open through April 28.

Supervisors Enter Overall Performance Ratings in ConnectCarolina This Year

If you supervise employees, you’ve gotten the word from the Office of Human Resources that you’ll be entering overall performance ratings in ConnectCarolina instead of InfoPorte this year. The link was available in ConnectCarolina starting April 3—to find it, you can log in to ConnectCarolina and click HR/Payroll under "SelfService".

A significant benefit of the move to ConnectCarolina is that, starting May 1, employees will be able to see their ratings in ConnectCarolina too. After this year, employees can see their ratings in ConnectCarolina as soon as supervisors submit them.

If you don't use ConnectCarolina often, you can find more details, including a recorded webinar and a quick reference card with the steps, on the Office of Human Resources website.

Terms of Use Now Easier to Find

Do you remember agreeing to the ConnectCarolina Terms of Use Agreement? It's now even easier for people new to ConnectCarolina. Starting this month, ConnectCarolina now shows a Terms of Use message when someone signs in who:
  • hasn't agreed to the Terms of Use and who
  • has an administrative or faculty role in the system (that is, more access than the self-service options like displaying a pay stub or signing up for training).
This means that managers who need to enter performance ratings, staff who need to order from the ePro catalogs, faculty members who need to enter grades - everyone who has access to more than just the self-service options - will see the message.
To learn more about agreeing to the Terms of Use, check out this article on

A Record 18,000 Decisions Released in March

On Wednesday, March 29, the Student Administration team worked with the Admissions office to release more than 18,000 decisions for first-year applicants. This was an overall increase in first-year applications of nearly 14%, so the competition was especially tough for applicants this year.

Unless you get to witness the inner workings of a decision release, you might think there's not much to it. But it involves a broad-reaching, cross-functional team made up of the Admissions Office and several teams in Information Technology Services. Allison Legge and Melissa Florio of the Admissions Office and ConnectCarolina team members Mihaela Cornea and Julie Dockens work step-by-step through a detailed technical checklist to make sure everything is in order. Then they run the final process that makes the decisions go live. This year, "everything was flawless" leading up the release, says Allison Legge, the Senior Associate Director of Enrollment.

The date and time that decisions will be released is kept secret, but somehow within minutes of the decisions being released, applicants start posting the decisions they received on the College Confidential website (a website where applicants can find information about and forums to discuss colleges). All it takes is one post, and then thousands of applicants are racing to ConnectCarolina to see their decisions.

New: Monthly Management Reports for F&A and Trust

If you reconcile accounts each month, you now have two more sets of reports that make it easier. The Monthly Management reports for State funds were rolled out last December, and the F&A and Trust versions are now available as well.

The night Accounting Services closes the month, InfoPorte takes a snapshot of that month's financial information and generates the reports. The next day, you can open the reports as PDF or Excel files. You can now open reports for October 2016 through March 2017 for State funds, and November 2016 through March 2017 for F&A and Trust funds.

The ConnectCarolina team sends a big thank you to the campus and central office staff who gave their time to help test the reports.

Allocations at the Employee Level Make It Easier to Reconcile

If you work with financial reports in InfoPorte, you've may have noticed that they now show specific amounts by employee for core data fees, campus transit fees, composite benefits and severance wage transactions. "In the past these charges were summarized at the chartfield string level," said Steve Kenny, a Business Systems Manager on the ConnectCarolina team. This made it challenging for Campus Finance staff to reconcile these transactions each month.

The University allocates fees based on payroll amounts, which are posted in ConnectCarolina after each bi-weekly and monthly payroll. If you ever need to see more detailed information, you can use the Payroll Accounting Report, if you have access or you can work with your business manager.

It is important to note that if you're entering a journal or Payroll Accounting Adjustment Transaction (PAAT), you don't need to correct these fees separately. The system adjusts the allocations for these fees automatically.

New Class for HR Reps Digs into Complex Scenarios

UNC-Chapel Hill is a complex place, and no one knows that better than HR representatives. They have to understand complicated employee classifications (such as how to work with students who are also employees), specific rules around how employees are paid, State rules about how all types of actions are submitted, and the list goes on. For example, which HR actions should you submit if you have a full-time professor who is also teaching three classes for the Friday Center?

A new training session for HR representatives launched recently to help HR representatives navigate some of those detailed actions in ConnectCarolina. Taught by Kelleigh Huggins of the ConnectCarolina Change Management team, the half-day class encourages discussion, and HR reps are grouped by school or division to further encourage conversation. After the initial wave of training, the class will be offered several times a year for new HR representatives.

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