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Three changes have been made for the Campus Vendor Request system.

  1. Bio-demo information (such as address) is pulled from the Student Administration part of ConnectCarolina. What this means is that you’ll no longer request changes to bio-demo information for employees, students, or affiliates through the Campus Vendor Request system. If changes are needed, the person being set up as a vendor needs to make the changes through the UNC Directory or through the Self Service option in ConnectCarolina. Or, an HR representative who has access to change bio/demo information can make the change. The address listed as HOME address for tax reporting (W-2, 1099. 1098T) is the only address that will be used in the Campus Vendor Request system.
  2. You are able to request a new type of vendor class, called an Affiliate Vendor with PID.  You use this vendor class for all persons who are defined as affiliates in the HR/Payroll system (such as hospital employees).
  3. Employee banking information is pulled from the Payroll system, so you may no longer request changes through the Campus Vendor Request system. You can still request changes to banking information for other types of vendors, such as independent contractors, students, and affiliates with PIDs.

Learn more about these changes by watching a webinar recording.

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