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The system that maintained security in the legacy data warehouses and for ePrint is being retired around December 14, 2015, and at that time we will no longer have a way to restrict access to information by department. We still need to ensure that sensitive information remains protected, and at the same time, ensure that you have access to the legacy information you need.

As the team has delved in to the details of how to provide legacy information securely, we’ve had to make some changes to the plans communicated up to now.

Access to ePrint Reports

  • Finance reports from ePrint:  Similar to Finan$eer, access to the Finance legacy data warehouse will be limited to the group of approximately 200 users who have “enhanced reporting access” (which means, among other things, they can run queries in the ConnectCarolina reporting environment). If you are getting access to the new ePrint, we’ll be in touch soon to tell you how to access it. Individuals who are not granted access can contact their MOU lead to explain what is needed.
  • Payroll reports from ePrint: To obtain a payroll report from ePrint, you’ll need to put in a help request (create the online ticket at In three drop-down lists, choose ConnectCarolina, ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll, and ePrint Reports). The Help Desk will confirm with the Payroll Director that access to the report should be given, and if approved, will keep a log of everyone given payroll reports. The Help Desk will then email the encrypted and password-protected report to you.

The Legacy Data Warehouses

  • HR legacy data warehouse: Access to the HR data warehouse will be limited to central offices.  Most information is available to HR representatives through the Historic Personnel Actions link on the Job Data and Add/Update Position Information pages in ConnectCarolina, but if someone needs other information from the HR legacy data warehouse, they’ll need to put in a help request.
  • Finance legacy data warehouse:  Similar to Finan$eer and ePrint, access to the Finance legacy data warehouse will be limited to the group of approximately 200 users who have enhanced reporting access. Those who have access to the Finance data warehouse will be able to see all information for all departments.

Questions or concerns?
For more information on what is happening to our legacy systems, refer to If you have a question or concern about the legacy systems, send an email to, and we’ll route your question to the person who can answer it.

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