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This summer, a big focus of the ConnectCarolina team is improving system performance.  System performance refers to how fast a screen displays, data is returned, or a query or process runs.  You can play a critical role in this effort. We’ve heard from you that system performance for some functionality is so poor  that sometimes makes it difficult for you to get your work done.  Alas, performance tends to be patchy—some things work acceptably and others are painfully slow.  We have monitoring tools to help us investigate issues, but the first step in improving system performance is to get your feedback about the things you do in ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte that are really slow.

A quick way to provide feedback is via this brief survey that id open today until Aug. 5 (NOTE: the survey is now closed).  Please take 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey which asks which parts of ConnectCarolina you use and the experiences you have had with system performance.  The more specific information you can give, the more helpful it will be in resolving the performance issues. We will make good use of this information as we develop a plan to improve system performance.

The survey is just one approach we’ll be using this summer to make sure we have the data we need to make ConnectCarolina work better for you.  If you want to be a more involved contributor, simply give us your name and email address on the survey.  We’ll be in touch with you about how you can give us more detailed information that will be invaluable in this effort.  We’ll also be reaching out to some of you (for example, those who have done the most of certain kinds of transactions) to gather further information.

Next week we are bringing in an expert at database and application tuning who will temporarily join our team to help us refine and tweak ConnectCarolina system performance based on the information we get from you.  So, please complete the survey and help improve ConnectCarolina!

The survey will close on Aug. 5.  Thanks in advance for helping us with this important effort.

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