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The process for getting access to reports in InfoPorte is not one size fits all. Some reports require extra security because they show information for departments outside your own or because they show payroll information. It can be challenging to figure out what you need to do for each type of report.

Help is on the way. The pages related to system access on the website ( have been expanded, with more information coming soon. Look for new tables that tell you who to go to for Finance, HR/Payroll, and Student Admin reports. InfoPorte Administrators can grant access to some reports, while others require that you work with your Access Request Coordinator (ARC).


New for InfoPorte Administrators: To reduce confusion on how to get access to reports, we are asking that if a request requires that a help request be submitted, you submit the request. The new pages on ccinfo clarify when a help request is needed.

A central place for information
Another step we’ve taken is to consolidate information in one place. We’ve moved access-related documents (forms, guides, the list of ARCs and InfoPorte Administrators) from InfoPorte to They’ll be in both places for a few weeks, and then just on (although we’ll keep a link on InfoPorte that points you to the right place).

Take a look at the new pages and let us know if they are helpful.

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