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We’re working to streamline and clarify the process for getting access to ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte. As part of that effort, we have redesigned the form for requesting Finance access, and you can find the new form on Access page on  An updated HR/Payroll form is coming soon, and work is beginning for the Student Admin form as well.

Updates to Finance Forms

Some of the changes you’ll see on the Finance access forms, especially if you’re an Access Request Coordinator, are:

  • The roles that require training are now marked on the form. You can see what training is required by going to the security role descriptions on
  • A new form allows MOU leads to specify who they would like to give Enhanced Reporting Access to. Enhanced Reporting Access is required for some reports in InfoPorte and for access to the queries in the Reporting environment, among other things. The number of people who have this access is kept small, because staff members who have this access can see information outside their own department.
  • For Access Request Coordinators, the selections on the Finance access form now match the options in the Access Request Tool.

Changes on the Way for the HR/Payroll Form

To make the HR/Payroll access request form easier to use and understand, it is being split into two forms: one for campus and one for central office staff.  One benefit of splitting the forms is being able to include requests for InfoPorte access on the same form as for ConnectCarolina and related applications.  The approval routing remains the same.  We’ll let you know when the new forms are posted.

Access Role Descriptions for Finance & HR/Payroll, Coming Soon for Student Admin

To make it easier to understand which access you need to request, we have updated the access pages on that describe the available roles for Finance and for HR/Payroll.  We’ve also made it easier to find the roles you need, see what training is required, and see the approval route.

The roles for Student Admin are also being updated. We’ll let you know when the updates are posted.


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