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Beginning Monday, October 23, you will see a few differences in ConnectCarolina if you work with the Student Administration pages. The software for the Student Administration application will be upgraded to the newest version and although most of the changes are behind-the-scenes, you will notice a more muted color palette, wider screen layout, and some alignment changes.  You will still see all of the fields and links that you have today.

Why Upgrade?

The software upgrade will allow UNC to take advantage of new software features in the future  For example, one of the changes we expect to implement in 2018 is a new look and feel that has fewer cicks.

The upgrade ensures UNC will be able to receive continuing vendor support for ConnectCarolina.

The updates reduce accessibility barriers that make it difficult for many people with disabilities to use ConnectCarolina.

Want to find out more about changes to expect and “before and after” screenshots?     Read more.

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