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The automated message that alerts you that you’ve received a reimbursement has been revamped to address phishing and security concerns. When you receive a reimbursement, you will be able to easily identify that the message is from a friendly and recognizable source. The new messages for reimbursements  started Friday, November 3.

What to expect 

The new message features changes to help you recognize the message as official University business:

  • The message is now from “UNC-Chapel Hill Disbursement Services” instead of “Procurement Internal,” a generic account that was formerly used to send such notifications.
  • The subject line of the message is now “Payment Notification” instead of “Payment Advice Notification.”
  • The message includes clearer language regarding the payment and attached file;
  • The closing signature of the message includes more extensive information, including a contact email address for Disbursement Services.

Community Input

The improvements to the message are a direct result of feedback from the University community.  Continued partnership with and support from the community are critical as work continues to move automated messages more in line with security best practices.

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