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NOTE This article first appeared in the June 12, 2018 ConnectCarolina Newsletter.

You may have heard that changes are coming to financial reports in InfoPorte. Later this summer, all reports in InfoPorte will take their actuals (that is, expenses and revenue) from the General Ledger (GL) Actuals ledger. Only budget-related data, such as budgeted amounts, pre-encumbrances, and encumbrances will come from the Commitment Control (KK) ledgers. This means we’ll have a single source for our financial information: The GL Actuals Ledger, which is our “book of record.”

Some of the main benefits you’ll see from this change are:

  • A true “Budget to Actuals” balance, since the budget is coming from the KK ledgers and the actuals are coming from the GL Actuals ledger.
  • A single year filter on the Main Ledgers and Transactions tab in InfoPorte, instead of separate filters for fiscal year and budget period. The fiscal year and budget period filters will be combined into one filter and the system will determine whether to look at the fiscal year or budget period based on the ledger that the information is coming from.
  • Easier reconciliation for sponsored research projects. OSR uses information from the GL Actuals ledger for reporting to sponsors, so when InfoPorte starts pulling from the same ledger, you’ll be looking at the same numbers as OSR. As a bonus, the PI Dashboard already uses the GL Actuals ledger for expenses.

Be on the lookout for more information in upcoming issues of the ConnectCarolina Newsletter.

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