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To: InfoPorte Users with Access to the Affiliates Report or the Expected End Date Report
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2018
Subject: InfoPorte Updates

Hello InfoPorte Users,

Good news! For those of you that run the Affiliates report and the Expected End Date report in InfoPorte, you’ll notice a few helpful updates have been made today.

Changes to the Affiliates Report

Overall the Affiliates Report will work the same way, but you’ll notice it looks a little different because the filters have been rearranged.  This change was made to accommodate a new option that lets select multiple types of affiliates at one time.

Changes to the Expected End Date Report

When you used to open the Expected End Date Report, your results defaulted to show primary jobs.  Now when you open this report, your results default to show both primary and secondary jobs.   Also, at the top of the report, the filter on the far right used to be labeled “P” (for “Primary”), and the filter choices were P and S (for “Secondary”).  Now, the filter is labeled “Job Indicator,” and the filter choices are Primary and Secondary (screenshot below).   Lastly, if you choose the Clear Filter option, your results will show both primary and secondary jobs.

We hope you find these changes useful.  Remember to submit a help ticket or call 919-962-HELP if you have any questions.


Thanks everyone,

The ConnectCarolina Team

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