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To: MOU Leads, business managers, RASG, Res_Info, InfoPorte Finance Users
Send Date: Thursday, August 9, 2018
Subject: Upcoming changes to InfoPorte Finance reports

Here are the financial report changes you will see in InfoPorte on Monday, August 13.    As we’ve said in previous communications, there isn’t much you need to do before the changes go into the system. This email has updates on the following topics:

  • The budget period and fiscal year filters will not be combined into one filter.
  • The “Recon Ready?” column is going away.
  • Some rarely-used reports are being removed.
  • There will be an InfoPorte outage for the team to make the changes.
  • If you use InfoPorte to reconcile, remember to export your reconciled July transactions.

Budget Period and Fiscal Year Filters Remaining as Separate Filters

We had hoped to simplify reporting by combining Budget Period and Fiscal Year into a single filter, but testing showed that some transactions were omitted when we did that.  We know that you rely on the information in these reports, so we are leaving the budget period and fiscal year as separate filters to provide you the most accurate information possible.  What this means for you is that you’ll continue to enter the budget period and fiscal year for the transactions you’re looking for, just as you do today.

The Recon Ready? Column is Going Away

Since the actual expenses and revenues will now come directly from the General Ledger (GL) Actuals ledger, all of those transactions are ready to be reconciled as soon as they appear on the InfoPorte reports.  Therefore, the “Recon Ready?” column will no longer be needed and is being removed from the reports.

Potential Action Item

If you have created Excel macros using the information from the InfoPorte reports, such as the Transactions tab, you’ll need to update your macro to remove the column to ensure consistency in your report.

Reports and Queries Being Removed

As we reviewed reports and queries impacted by this project, we found a number of reports and queries that aren’t widely used or that showed information that was easily found in another report.  To reduce confusion, we are removing these rarely-used reports.  The table below shows the reports that are being removed and where you will be able to find the information those reports showed.

If you used… You can find the same information in…
C&G Expenditures – Summary Report The Main Ledgers and Transactions tabs.
C&G Expenditures – Account Level Report The Main Ledgers and Transactions tabs.
Ledger Group Drilldown Report – All Ledgers Report The Main Ledgers and Transactions tabs.
The Source List Reports The Main Ledgers and Transactions tabs.
FAMODET Report The Main Ledgers tabs.
NC_CPS_KK_DEPT_SUM The Main Ledgers tabs.
NC_CPS_KK_PROJECT_SUM The OSR Ledger and Grant Profile tabs.
NC_CPS_KK_SOURCE_ACCT_SUM The Main Ledgers tabs.
NC_CPS_KK_STATE The Main Ledgers tabs.


The following queries: NC_CPS_KK_SOURCE_FUND_DEPT and NC_CPS_KK_SOURCE_FUND_SUM are not widely used and will no longer be available when the changes go into the system.

Reminder: InfoPorte Outage This Weekend

Making these report changes requires a complete outage of InfoPorte.  We try to schedule outages when most people aren’t using the system.  In this case, it will be this weekend, beginning at 5:00pm on Friday, August 10 through 6:00pm on Saturday, August 11.  You will not be able to access InfoPorte reports during this time.

Remember to Export Your July Transactions that Have Been Reconciled in InfoPorte

If you weren’t able to wait until the changes went into the system to begin reconciling July’s transactions and you use the “Reconciled” checkmark in InfoPorte, be sure you’ve exported those transactions to Excel (which will display the “Reconciled” checkmark) before 5 p.m. on Friday, August 10, so you can retag them once the changes go into the system.

For more information on the benefits and changes you’ll see in InfoPorte, visit our webpage:  As always, if you have any questions or need further help, contact the Business Systems Help Desk at 919-962-HELP or

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