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Hello Access Request Coordinators,

We have some updates for you regarding:

  • changes we’ve made to the Student Administration access form
  • a reminder about the forms needed for a P-Card access request, and
  • information about a session for you at ConnectCarolina User Conference.

UPDATED: Student Administration Access Form

We’ve made these changes to the Student Administration ConnectCarolina and Related Applications Access Form:

  • Changed the form so it is now an Adobe PDF with fillable fields. If you have linked to the form from your website, you’ll want to update the link as it has changed.
  • Removed the options for access to undergraduate applications. If someone in your department has a need to have access to those applications, contact Undergraduate Admissions.
  • In the Student Records section:
    • added a new question about whether the person has had ConnectCarolina access before,
    • removed the options for access to the Course Request Approver System (CRAS), and
    • created an area for “Other Information for Student Records access” that you can use to enter any special information that may be necessary to expedite the access request process.

You can find the new form on Click Get Access > Access Request Forms and download the current form.

REMINDER: P-Card Access Requests

When you submit requests for access to the Purchasing Card (P-Card) system, remember that you need to upload the P-Card Application or the Account Maintenance form with every P-Card request that you submit. We added a note and links to the forms on the Finance ConnectCarolina and Related Applications Access Form as a reminder about this requirement.

You can find the new form on Click Get Access > Access Request Forms and download the current form.

JOIN US: ConnectCarolina User Conference

Hopefully, you’ve heard that the ConnectCarolina User Conference is going to be held on Thursday, October 18 in the Student Union and surrounding buildings. We have sessions related to finance, human resources, student administration, research and reporting. Most importantly, for you as an Access Request Coordinator (ARC), we’re planning a “birds of a feather” session for ARCs. We hope this session will allow you to connect with ARCs from across the University, ask questions about the process, or even just pick up tips and tricks for submitting requests. Be on the lookout for more information about registering for the conference.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about these updates or the ARC process.


The ConnectCarolina Team

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