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You are receiving this email because you have access to Student Administration pages in ConnectCarolina and we are making a change to the search feature on all Student Administration pages.

Information Technology Services Enterprise Applications takes its responsibility for securing our employees’ sensitive information (including social security numbers) very seriously. To secure this information, many organizations have already abandoned processes that require the use of social security number. Even Medicare is removing the SSN from Medicare insurance cards. In the last few months, we have made multiple changes to restrict access to social security numbers (SSN) in ConnectCarolina. The additional changes we are making this week will further tighten security by reducing the number of places where a social security number can be entered into ConnectCarolina.

Beginning on Thursday, November 29 after 5:00 p.m., you will no longer be able to search by social security number on any Student Administration pages in ConnectCarolina. You will still be able to search using other identifiers, such as PID or name, and this change will not change how any of the pages work.

If your manager believes you have a business need to search by SSN and you don’t have the ability to do so on the Find Existing PID page, you will need to work with your manager and request access using the Access Request process. An additional justification form (found at:, signed by the Director of the employee, will be required.

As always, we appreciate your understanding as we work to make the information in ConnectCarolina even more secure. If you have any questions about this change, you can submit a help request at


The ConnectCarolina Team


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