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 Last month we promised you more information about a new tile-based design for ConnectCarolina. Here’s the latest information we can share. First of all, it’s important to know you will still have access to everything you have now, your favorites will still be there and the updated look reduces accessibility barriers that make it difficult for many people with disabilities to use ConnectCarolina. For students, it also means it will be easier on the eyes when they’re using ConnectCarolina on their phones. Want to know more? The design is evolving, but we’ll give you info as decisions are made and work in ConnectCarolina progresses.

How Do You Use ConnectCarolina?

The reason we can’t paint a complete picture is that we’re still out there talking to ConnectCarolina users across campus. We’re talking to students who use ConnectCarolina to register for classes and check grades. We’re meeting with employees who work in ConnectCarolina everyday and those who only go into ConnectCarolina to check their pay stub. What we hear from them guides us in making the updated ConnectCarolina work better for you.

A few weeks ago, we met with students and student administration staff and what we learned actually changed the design direction for the ConnectCarolina student pages. We’ve had similar experiences with campus representatives who work in Finance and Human Resources.  A big thank you to all of you who’ve participated in the design process.

We know that we will be able to draw a direct line from your input to what you’ll see in the new ConnectCarolina look. We’ll have more information on the new ConnectCarolina look and functionality in the March edition of the ConnectCarolina Newsletter, so stay tuned.


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