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If you’re an Access Request Coordinator (ARC), you may experience a sense of dread when you receive an access request form for an employee that requires access to more than one area or system because you know that it means an individual request for each system.

Many of you have mentioned that you’d like to be able to submit one request in the Access Request Tool for multiple systems and let the system decide how to route them.

New! Main Request & Sub-Requests

We have good news for you. Later this summer, we’ll be rolling out a revamped Access Request Tool that will let you submit one request even if the employee needs access to Finance, HR/Payroll, and Student Admin pages. You’ll submit one electronic request, called the main request, and the system will create sub-requests that each go through their separate approval process. Each piece of access will be granted individually, so employees who need access won’t have to wait for all access to be approved before they receive any access. A small pilot group will be working with the new tool in early July. As soon as the pilot is completed, we’ll send you word that the new features are ready for you to use so be on the lookout for a communication later this summer.

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