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We’ve heard from those of you who submit and approve electronic Personnel Action Requests, ePARs for short, that you would like to be able to see the documents attached to an ePAR even after the ePAR has been fully completed (that is, the ePAR is in “Executed” status). Going to the Job Data or Add/Update Position links has been the only way to see those documents since ConnectCarolina Finance and HR went live in 2014, but not everyone who submits or approves ePARs has access to those links.

Now, that’s changed. You can now see the documents attached to ePARs even after the ePAR is complete. They’ll still be available through the Job Data or Add/Update Position links, but you’ll have another way to access them. This improvement doesn’t change anything about how and when you attach documents to ePARs. When you’re attaching documents to ePARs, remember to not attach anything that contains sensitive information, such as social security numbers.

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