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Security is a hot topic these days. Just like you want to keep your banking information secure, companies do too. Starting with a pilot group in March, a new Supplier Portal will let suppliers manage their banking information and addresses themselves. Letting the suppliers maintain banking and address information directly keeps the information more secure, since it reduces the need to email, fax, or mail changes to UNC employees.

The pilot group is made up of 50 to 100 suppliers, and staff in the Accounts Payable office will be communicating directly with those suppliers to let them know how the new process works.  While the pilot is underway, what you do in ConnectCarolina will only change a little bit. When, for example, a supplier reaches out to you to update their address, you’ll need to be able to tell if they’re participating in the pilot (and therefore can update the address themselves). The ConnectCarolina team is adding a field on the Review Supplier page to tell you just that.

We’ll share more information soon.  Keep an eye out for more information, including details about a webinar where we’ll discuss how the Supplier Portal will work and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

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