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Email Communication

  • Send Date: May 1, 2020
  • From: ConnectCarolina Communications
  • To: Employees with PAAT access
  • Subject: CDME Earn Codes in PAAT

As you’re probably aware by now, there are new earn codes and account numbers for premium pay to eligible Communicable Disease Mandatory Employees who are working on-site.

Much like longevity, the transactions generated during the payroll process (per the affected hours coded in TIM) will be distributed to the employee’s regular chartfield string, but the account number will be systematically overridden by the new CDME account number for posting.  However, manual entries to those expenses, whether by a Lump Sum payment (CDME OnSite Premium) or a re-distribution via a PAAT action will require you to enter the appropriate CDME account number in the chartfield string, just like you do for manual longevity lump sums or redistributions.

In other words, when doing PAAT re-distributions for the CDME premium pay (MOR, MR8, MR9, MOO, MO8, MO9), or Longevity (PRL, LON), your new line should use the appropriate override account number in BOTH the override account and account fields.  Your old CDME Premium Pay or Longevity funding line should be adjusted down to $0.00 as well. See the example provided below.

The new account numbers for the CDME Premium Pay are:

  • 511350 – EHRA Non-Teach CDME Onsite Premium
  • 512330 – SHRA CDME Onsite Premium
  • 514340 – Non-Student Temp CDME Onsite Premium
  • 514740 – Student Temp CDME Onsite Premium


And the affected earning codes for PAAT purposes are:

  • MOR – CDME OnSite Premium
  • MR8 – CDME OnSite Premium 18
  • MR9 – CDME OnSite Premium Inc 19
  • MOO – CDME OnSite OVT Premium
  • MO8 – CDME OnSite OVT Premium 18
  • MO9 – CDME OnSite OVT Premium 19


If you have questions, please contact Commitment Accounting Payroll at

View the email in its original format – CDME Earn Codes in PAAT




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