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Email Communication

  • Send Date: June 30, 2020
  • From: ConnectCarolina Communications
  • To: Employees with access to enter budget transfers and budget journals in ConnectCarolina.
  • Subject: Changes to the Business Process for Future Dated Budget Journals and Transfers

Note: You’re receiving this message because you have access to enter budget transfers and budget journals in ConnectCarolina.


From: Henry Price, Budget Planning & Analysis and The ConnectCarolina Team

Effective July 1, 2020, we’re changing the business process if you need to update two budget periods (current and future). You’ll need to submit two budget journals so that the budget period and the fiscal year are the same.

Starting July 1, you’ll begin the process by creating a budget journal for the current budget period and submitting it. Once submitted, create a new journal, change the date on it to 7/1 of the future budget period, and then submit it.

Note: Budgets that were entered for Budget Period 2021 in Fiscal Year 2020 will be reversed and re-entered to the appropriate fiscal year as part of this go-live. You’ll be able to recognize these budget journals by a mask of FYBP on the Journal ID.

Resources. A Quick Reference Slide Deck to walk you through how the new process works is available and posted on We’re also updating the Campus Budgets guides to reflect the new process.

If you have questions about the new process, you can submit a help ticket at or (919) 962-HELP.

View the email in its original format – Aligning Fiscal Years



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