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Email Communication 

  • Send Date: July 16, 2020
  • From: ConnectCarolina Communications on behalf of Accounting Services
  • To:  Employees with access to campus journal page
  • Subject: Changes to Deleted Journals in ConnectCarolina

Note: You’re receiving this message because you have access to the campus journal page in ConnectCarolina.


Starting July 17, we are enhancing the journal deletion process in ConnectCarolina. Going forward, you’ll be able to search for journals that have a status of “Deleted” so that you can retrieve deleted journals and review the attachments. This will be helpful if you need to recreate a journal that was previously deleted.

With the new feature, when you delete a journal, you’ll see a message telling you that the journal was “logically deleted” in the system which means that it is retained in the system for information only and will never be posted in any of the ledgers.

If you need to look up a deleted journal, you can search for it on two pages:

    • The Campus Journal Validation page
    • The Journal Inquiry page

For screenshots and more information about the change, please refer to this quick reference slide deck on

We are updating the Campus Journals guide on with instructions for deleting journals and searching for deleted journals.

If you have questions about finding the deleted journals, you can submit a help ticket at or (919) 962-HELP.


Yiwen Wang, Accounting Services

The ConnectCarolina Team

View the email in its original format –  Changes to Deleted Journals in ConnectCarolina  

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