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FERPA, HIPAA, Information Security … If you’re like us on the ConnectCarolina team, you have to take multiple training sessions each year, and each one is delivered a different way and comes at a different time. Sometimes it feels like training requirements come out of the blue.  Not only that, you may be wondering what professional development opportunities the University offers that you haven’t heard about.

That’s about to change. The My Learning component of Carolina Talent is available now, and it will eventually be the go-to place for most professional development and compliance training at the University.

Go take a look. You can get there by going to the Self Service home page in ConnectCarolina and clicking the My Learning tile. Between training offered through LinkedIn Learning, the Office of Human Resources, and the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office, there are more than 5,000 learning opportunities available already, with more on the way.

Note: My Learning doesn’t replace any student-facing learning management systems that are currently in place. 

This is just the first step in bringing you all that Carolina Talent has to offer. Visit the Carolina Talent web page to learn about what’s coming up next.

My Learning is intuitive to use, but here are some tips from the people who participated in testing:

1. Remember hover, hover, click: You hover over menu options to display submenus—only click for the final choice.

2. Turn off pop-up blockers: My Learning uses pop-ups frequently. Be sure to accept pop-ups in each browser you use. You’ll also have to accept them both in My Learning and in LinkedIn Learning.

3. LinkedIn Learning: First activate your LinkedIn Learning account on the Software Distribution site (if you’ve already activated your account, no need to do it again). Then if you want the LinkedIn Learning training on your UNC training transcript, start the course from My Learning in Carolina Talent. If you don’t, start it directly from LinkedIn Learning.

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