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My Learning went live on July 28, and with a little over a month chalked up, we want to share some usage data, a few tips, and feedback from those who are already using the My Learning tool to manage their LinkedIn Learning, Office of Human Resources, and the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office learning opportunities. If you haven’t yet used the My Learning tool, you may want to check out the Using My Learning in Carolina Talent webpage to learn more about the how to get started

What We Know- The Data (July 28 – August 27, 2020) 

Total number of people who have logged in: 1,793 
Total number of completed online classes (LinkedIn Learning): 331 
Total number of completed My Learning: START HERE online training: 620
Total number of completed instructor-led sessions: 242 

Tips We Want to Share 

  • When working with menus, remember “hover, hover, click.” In Carolina Talent, instead of clicking each menu choice, you hover over an option to display the next menu and only click on the final choice.
  • Pop-ups: Carolina Talent uses pop-ups frequently. Be sure to accept pop-ups in your browser (you’ll need to do this for each browser you use and for both Carolina Talent and LinkedIn Learning).
  • LinkedIn Learning: There are two ways to access LinkedIn Learning and the difference between the two is the difference between having your course appear on your transcript or not. First activate your LinkedIn Learning account (if you’ve already activated your account, no need to do it again). Then if you want the LinkedIn Learning training on your UNC training transcript, start the course from Carolina Talent. If you don’t want it to be part of your transcript, start it directly from the ITS LinkedIn Learning page. (Temporary employees and students need to go through ITS LinkedIn Learning page.)

The Carolina Talent feedback I have received from Research Division employees has been very positive. Employees find it easy to use and see having LinkedIn Learning integrated into the system is a real plus. The ability to assign training to an employee is my favorite function in Carolina Talent, thus far. I used this function while working on the performance review of one of my newer employees.  Jo Ann Gustafson, Director of Operations, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

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