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Automating what are currently manual processes to increase efficiency, decrease the likelihood of errors and make things easier for students, faculty and staff continues to be a priority for the ConnectCarolina Student Administration team. This Fall, in collaboration with the Office of the University Registrar and the Enrollment Systems team, they developed an automated way for undergraduate students to request a Pass or Fail grade for a course rather than a letter grade.

The new Pass/Fail online form replaces a high-touch process that involved a student downloading a form and then waiting for Student Administration staff to type in the information. Imagine the staff time and work involved in manually processing the 29,000 pass/fail requests undergraduates submitted for the Spring 2020 semester

Students can go into their Student Center, select the Pass/Fail Request option, enter the course information, click the Class is Pass/Fail checkbox and Submit. Students can just as easily change back to receiving a letter grade by clicking the REMOVE Pass/Fail from Course checkbox. Best of all, the Student Administration staff is out of the business of typing in the information for the 18,000 pass/fail requests that came in for the Fall 2020 semester.

For more information about the process, take a look at the Pass/Fail Detailed Instructions document.



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