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On December 15, Dave Turner, of the HR Information Management team, shared some big news at the HR User Group meeting—Classification and Compensation in the Office of Human Resources is updating how we document permanent SHRA position descriptions.

With these changes, you’ll update descriptions for SHRA positions the same way you do EHRA Non-Faculty positions.

What You’ll See in January

As part of this update, beginning in January 2021, you’ll see some changes to the Add/Update Position ePAR in ConnectCarolina including:

  • No Paper Forms or Physical Signatures. When you create or update an SHRA Permanent position, you’ll enter the position description using the Add/Update Position ePAR instead of by filling out a paper form. The ePAR will then be routed electronically for approval.
  • New Look for the Add/Update Position ePAR. Eventually, all ePARs will have this new look. For now the Add/Update Position ePAR will look different from other ePARs because it’s built on an updated version of the software used to create the ePARs.
  • No More Funding Grid on the Position ePAR. The Position ePAR won’t have the funding grid included because the ePAR won’t be routed to budget approvers any longer.

Be on the lookout for more information about the new process for documenting SHRA position descriptions in early January.

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