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In April 2019, roughly 500 IT professional employees were given the option to change their employment status from SHRA to EHRA.  This was the result of the North Carolina General Assembly expanding the exemptions under the North Carolina Human Resources Act to include University information technology professional positions. The University sought this option so that it could have more flexibility with compensation and leave issues in a highly competitive IT labor market.

Final Selection Period is June 30 – August 13, 2021

Eligible employees were given three years to decide if they wanted to convert to EHRA status, and we are currently in the final election period which ends on August 13. Employees who are eligible to convert see an SHRA to EHRA IT Conversion tile on their ConnectCarolina Self-Service home page.

For more information visit the IT Conversion website and read the SHRA to EHRA Non-Faculty IT Conversion FAQs.

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