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This fall, there’ll be a few changes to how students register for Spring 2022 classes. Here’s why: in October 2019, the Office of the University Registrar teamed up with Operational Excellence to investigate ways to improve the registration experience for undergraduate students at Carolina. One main concern students raised was not having a “level playing field” when registering for their first-choice classes. The changes to the process will give each student better access to the courses he or she needs to graduate on time.  Three key changes are:

  • Students will register in two waves so that all students have better access to the classes they need to graduate.  During Wave 1, undergraduates can register for up to 12 credit hours. During Wave 2 undergraduates can register for up to 17 credit hours, including up to 4 waitlisted credit hours. After Wave 2 ends, students can then register for up to 18 credit hours during the open enrollment period.


  • Registration appointments are scheduled every 3 hours from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Once an appointment time starts, it stays open, and the student can register at any time until the end of a given wave.  Longer appointment times with fewer students should reduce the stress some students feel around getting online first, so they can be competitive. It also gives students a chance to register outside of class, even if they have back-to-back classes.


  • Student appointment days and times are based first on how many credit hours a student has earned, and then on how many terms a student has been in residence.  Basing registration appointments on earned credit hours allows students who are bringing in transfer credits, transfer students and dual enrollment students to register for the classes they need so they can graduate faster.

For more information on changes to the Spring 2022 class registration process, including the registration schedule and important dates, visit the University Registrar‘s webpage.

What’s Not Changing?

The steps students take to register for classes in ConnectCarolina are not changing.

  • Undergraduate students will register in ConnectCarolina the same way and follow the same steps outlined on the Registration Quick Tips page.
  • The registration processes for graduate and professional students, incoming first-year students and non-degree seeking students is not changing.

Visit the Spring 2022 Registration Guide for more information, to view the registration calendar, and to access helpful resources, such as the new Spring 2022 Registration FAQ.


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