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ConnectCarolina online training is now more accessible than ever. We’re moving training to a new tool called Panopto, making the videos more accessible for everyone, including those with motor, visual, and hearing impairments.

Panopto features and functionality, like a table of contents and video thumbnails mean you can click through and skip ahead, making for a better distance learning experience for everyone. You can also speed up or slow down playback up to 2X and add personal notes and bookmarks inside a video.

 Accessibility Features

 Vision-impaired students benefit from having the audio recorded for review with screen readers. Screen reader tools, like JAWs, read text displayed on-screen aloud.

For students with hearing disabilities, transcriptions and captions synchronized with the audio and video give learners a more complete classroom experience. Research tells us that with or without limitations, most learners (54%) use closed captions at least some of the time.

Some learners with physical limitations, like trouble using a mouse, will find that all functionalities in the Panopto interface are accessible by using the tab key to move from function to function. Currently we’re working on creating new and updating HR ConnectCarolina online training courses using Panopto. When we make systems and content accessible to people with disabilities, we make it better for everyone.

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