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Do you remember accepting the Terms of Use agreement when you first received access to work in ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte or Tarheel Reports?  It may be a long time since you checked that box, and yet, the Terms of Use should be foremost in your mind every time you log into an administrative system.  That’s why, beginning February 15, 2022, you’ll have to agree to the Terms of Use annually.  This means that managers who need to enter performance ratings, staff who need to purchase through BuyCarolina or submit HR actions, faculty members who need to enter grades — everyone who has access to more than just the Self Service options must agree to the Terms of Use policy.

You don’t have to complete the Terms of Use Agreement if you only use ConnectCarolina Self Service to get information or transact business about you. (e.g., reviewing your paystub, student registration, seeing or modifying your UNC Directory entry, etc.)

Terms of Use screen with checkbox

Two Important Dates

Beginning January 28,  if you haven’t accepted the Terms of Use within the past year, you’ll see a banner message in ConnectCarolina that reminds you to accept the Terms of Use.  Once you agree to the Terms of Use, the message disappears. We recommend that you take this step as soon as you see a banner.  (If you don’t see a banner, you are up-to-date.)

After February 15, 2022, if you haven’t accepted the Terms of Use within the past year, you’ll be directed to the Terms of Use page when you sign in to ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte or Tarheel Reports. If you decline to agree to the Terms of Use, the system you were attempting to access will log you out, and you won’t be able to access any part of the system (including the self-service options) until you agree to the Terms of Use.

What Am I Agreeing To?

The Terms of Use for Administrative Systems policy explains your responsibility to protect the  information stored within the systems.  Taking time to read about your responsibilities in the areas of Confidentiality, Ethics, Policy Adherence, and Responsible Access ensures the integrity of University data.

To find detailed instructions for accepting the Terms of Use, visit the Terms of Use for Administrative Systems on the CCInfo website under the Get Access menu option.


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