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Starting May 6, ConnectCarolina lets employees view or print multiple paystubs at the same time. Previously, employees accessed their paystubs through ConnectCarolina by signing on and clicking the drop-down Self-Service option at the top of their home screen.  Once on this screen, employees clicked the My Pay and Taxes tile, followed by the View Paycheck menu option on the left to access their paychecks. Previously employees had to display and print each paycheck one by one

Now, employees still access their paychecks through ConnectCarolina, but once on the View Paycheck screen, they can choose to print one, several, or all of their paychecks by selecting the boxes in the Print Column and clicking the Print button.

The paychecks selected will pop up in the employee’s browser as a single PDF in a new tab, and this PDF will contain all the stubs that have been selected to view/print. In some cases, like if an employee received a manual check, employees may see more than one tab.

Learn more and see screenshots 

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