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Formal Notice
Send Date: November 11, 2022

A Message from the Division of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Compliance

Hello Tar Heels,

At times, staff and faculty need to submit forms that pertain to leave programs such as Family Medical Leave (FMLA), Paid Parental Leave, etc. Starting Monday, Nov. 14, 2022, active employees will be able to submit leave forms and attachments online through ConnectCarolina using the following path:
SelfService > My Benefits > Leave > Submit a Leave Document.
HR Reps will also be able to submit leave forms and attachments online for employees in their respective school or division.

About the new process

The only thing changing about leave is how employees will submit their forms. With this new process, leave forms and attachments will no longer be accepted via email. Instead, employees will use ConnectCarolina to submit attachments like:

• Leave request forms.
• Medical certifications.
• Return-to-work forms.
• Additional leave-related documents.

This new online process applies to leave requests related to:

• Personal or family medical situations (FMLA).
• Paid Parental Leave.
• Voluntary Shared Leave (requests and donations).
• Military leave.

Once processed, employees can view their leave attachments online through ConnectCarolina using the following path:

SelfService > My Benefits > Leave > View My Leave Forms.

About the process change

Until now, employees have submitted leave requests using one or more paper forms attached to emails sent to different approvers. Those requests were then manually tracked in spreadsheets maintained by the UNC Leave Administration Team. This process could be both confusing to employees and burdensome to HR/Leave Administration personnel. Moving to an online submission format for leave forms will:

• Simplify the process for submitting leave requests to HR.
• Expedite the processing time.
• Give employees greater visibility of the approval status of their leave submissions.
• Lessen document management and archiving costs.
• Allow school/division HR Reps to submit leave attachments on an employee’s behalf if needed (HR Representative Role required).

This process change is the first phase of a much larger leave-related project that will allow central HR to communicate with campus and employees in a quicker, more standardized way. You can read more about the phases of this project on the UNC Information Technology Services website.


Employee and HR Rep User Guides and training videos have been created to demonstrate how to submit and view leave attachments in ConnectCarolina. View these resources and learn more on the Benefits & Leave Forms web page. If you have questions, please email

Thank you,

Brandy Flickinger
Senior Leave Administration Manager, HR Benefits, Leave Administration & Total Wellbeing

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