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When employees need to take a leave of absence to deal with personal matters, they complete leave request forms and submit them for approval. There are different leave types including parental, medical, and military leave. For each leave request type, there may be several forms requiring distinct levels of approval. In the past, those forms were sent as attachments via email.

As of November 14,  employees now submit those leave request forms online in ConnectCarolina instead of sending them as attachments. This includes:

  • leave request forms,
  • medical certifications,
  • return-to-work forms, and
  • other leave-related documents.

Submit leave request forms in ConnectCarolina using the following path:

SelfService > My Benefits > Leave.

Employees can find their leave attachments in ConnectCarolina once the forms are processed at: 

 SelfService > My Benefits > Leave > View My Leave Documents.

A more efficient process

 Employees used to download leave documentation, get the necessary signatures, and attach the forms to an email to HR leave administrators. The leave administrators manually tracked the forms through the approval process using  spreadsheets . The benefits of the new process  for employees and administrators include:

  • Employees can submit forms online and can check the approval status of their leave submissions in ConnectCarolina.
  • Leave Administrators will be able to use ConnectCarolina’s approval process and won’t need to manually manage documents through the approval and archiving processes.
  • The HR Benefits team can communicate with employees quickly and efficiently.

If you want more information on the new process, check out the User Guides and training videos available for employees and HR Reps.

For Employees

For HR Reps


A look ahead

More changes are on the horizon in 2023 including a move to electronic forms (no more attachments). Next fall, you will also be able to donate voluntary shared leave through ConnectCarolina. Learn more by visiting the Benefits & Leave Forms page.

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