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Here are resources to help add or update affiliates using ConnectCarolina.

For access to any HR systems at the University, you must complete the FERPA training in addition to any other required training.  You can find instructions for completing the training on the Registrar’s site.

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HR Overview

This self-paced course explains the relationship between the person, position, and job in ConnectCarolina. It also covers the ePAR forms used to submit HR actions.

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ePAR Overview

This guide introduces the electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR), which is the form used to enter all HR actions in ConnectCarolina.

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Tips for Searching ePARs

This guide provides tips for searching ePARs.

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Printing an ePar form

This guide explains how to print an ePAR form.

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Basic Originators 3: Adding or Updating Affiliates

This online training course explains what an affiliate is and how to complete the Add or Update an Affiliate ePAR form. It also explains the process for requesting a PID for an affiliate and how to use the affiliate ePAR form to add or update affiliates.

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Affiliates Report Webinar

This webinar explains how to use the Affiliates Report in InfoPorte.

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Affiliates Report Guide

This guide explains how to use the Affiliates Report, which shows information on all active affiliates or affiliates who were terminated within the last year.

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