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All ConnectCarolina Development Activities

Team(s)Description of the ProjectScheduled CompletionCompletedWho Benefits
Finance, ITS1099 Prep and IssuanceFebruary 2016Central Office
Finance, HR, ITS1099 W/H flag flip for Employee VendorsJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITS2015 Cleanup Analysis and/or fix blue bookJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITS2015 W2C processingQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITS2016 W2 Printing CustomizationQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSAdd new MOD to update ok_to_pay flagQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSAdd virtual lockout to MOD 004Q2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSAllocation Entry for Fair Market Value ChangeQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSAllow Campus Users to view invoice images for an extended period of time.April 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSAnalysis Type Fixer UpdateJanuary 2016Central Office
StudentApply required patches to ConnectCarolina's Student Administration applications (Campus Solutions bundles 40 and 41)June 2016
Finance, ITSArchive or add effective dates to F&A formula allocation tables/calculations (Table Changes Only)Q2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSARP 2016 – Legislative increase for Monthly back to 07/01Q4-16Campus
Finance, ITSAsset Management Audit DataJuly 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSAthletics - Budget to Actuals Cube and ReportQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSAutomate creation of Deduction Compare ReportQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSAutomate payroll job stream (Cybermation)Q4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSAutomation of KK Archive Table for Provisional Budget CheckJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSB01 – Payroll and TIM coordination for TIM Payroll Extract files (INT329) July 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSBD701 Agency Budget report for UNCGA state FundsJune 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSBenefits Arrears CleanupQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSBilling Area Contact Page - allow for group mail boxes for billing contactsQ3-16Central Office
Finance, ITSBlue Book FY16 – rewriteApril 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSBMS Redesign and EnhancementsQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSBreak journals out per business unitJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSBudget allotment corrections for Facilities, Planning, and ConstructionMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSCAFR: Allocation Entry for Fair Market Value Change – DevelopmentJuly 2016Campus
Finance, ITSCAFR: Indirect Cost Allocation Methodology – DevelopmentApril 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSCAFR: Interim Financial ReportingQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSCAFR: Investment GL Control Account / Affiliated Unit Blending Review – DevelopmentJuly 2016Campus
Finance, ITSCAFR: Sponsored Revenue and Project Types - DevelopmentJuly 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSCAFR: Year End External Reporting / CAFR Review and EnhancementQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSCampus Spreadsheet Journal Template EnhancementsApril 2016Campus
Finance, ITSCBM Redesign of Airgas InterfaceQ4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSCBM Redesign of FedEx InterfaceQ4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSCFDA Number CIMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSChanges to OSA fileMay 2016Central Office
 Finance, ITSCharges in "Recon" that the billing area updates - capture original chart string (process like auto using Default if err)January 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSClear Out PAAT Conversion Short Term Retro ChecksQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSCombo Code maintenance in DBTQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSCombo edit on State ledger to prevent the use of rollup fund not having a purpose code valueJuly 2016Campus
Finance, ITSConversion from voucher to journalJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSDblink to Student System for Payment InformationQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSDecision Document - Allow Campus Users to view invoice images in Image NowJanuary 2016Campus
Finance, ITS, HRDecision Document: Build Recommendation for CF - Separate Purpose From FundJanuary 2016Campus & Central Office
 Finance, ITSDecision Document: Business Case Decision for KK Definition RedesignJanuary 2016Campus & Central Office
 Finance, ITSDecision Document: Journal Entry Mod DecisionJanuary 2016Campus
Finance, OSR, ITSDecision Document: Need Permanent plan for Payroll SuspenseJanuary 2016Campus
Finance, ITSDefine Finance Reporting Strategy and Integrate with Enterprise Reporting StrategyQ4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSDepartment Budget Roll ForwardMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSDepartment Budget Table Roll ForwardJuly 2016Campus
StudentDeploy contextualized transcript as unofficial transcript for undergraduate studentsMay 2016
Finance, ITSDesign to Handle Mass Retros (INT305 – ORBIT)July 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSE-Cert Lump Sum RedesignMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSElimination of use of dummy SSNs and their impact on various interfacesQ4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSEmail alerts for missing receipts July 2016Campus
Finance, ITSEmployee Self-service On-Line Direct Deposit enrollmentQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSEmployee Self-service On-Line submission of NC4 and W4December 2015Campus & Central Office
Finance, CS, ITSEmployee Vendor Updates (ARB 706/1056)January 2016Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSEnable Payroll Multi-state taxation - Part 1Q2-16Campus
Finance, ITSEnable Payroll Multi-state taxation - Part 2Q4-16Central Office
 Finance, ITSEnhance FunctionalityJanuary 2016Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSEnhance pre-distribution audit report for error checkingQ3-16Central Office
Finance, ITSePAR Bug - Future Year Budget updates and DBT rolloverQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSePro – To avoid duplicate TCF orders, update payload ID and make it unique to POJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSePro – Disable end users ability to reopen canceled reqs Q2-16Campus
Finance, ITSExclusion Paycheck Part 1June 2016Campus
Finance, ITSF & A ActualsQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSF & A ProjectionsQ4-16Campus
FinanceF&A Carry Forward correction due to DCB ErrorJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSF&A Correction to the Parent Ledger due to Source 14104 actuals not picking up from child to parentJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, HR, ITSFac-Physican custom DBT entry page fixDecember 2015Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSFidelity / TIAA interface redesign (INT322 – INT325, 457b and Fac Phys 403b ER)Q2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSFiscal Year-end Close & 13th Month PreparationJuly 2016Campus
Finance, ITSFiscal Year-end Close & 13th Month PreparationQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSForce account to be populated on PAATDecember 2015Central Office
Finance, ITSFoundation Reports Year end - FASBJune 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSFringe pool allocation step updateJune 2016Campus
Finance, ITSFund and Purpose PlanningQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSFY End RPT Needs - Incomplete Invoice ReportQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSFY End RPT Needs - Incomplete Receipts ReportQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSFYE Planning - Rolling the Department Budget TableQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSFYE Related Work – Establish trust budget, F & A close processJune 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSGarnishment setup review Q2-16Central Office
Finance, HR, ITSHCM BundlesOctober 2015Central Office
Finance, ITSImpact to TIM by proposed FLSA ChangesQ4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSImplement ability to dispatch POs directly from PS by email Q3-16Campus
StudentImplement an online "Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate School Record" (CourseLeaf software)August 2016
Finance, ITSImplement Asset management Mass Change Functionality (custodian, dept., and area)January 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSImplement Campus Journal ModificationQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSImplement fix to Foreign Wires (Ticket 3016050)January 2016Central Office
FinanceImplement Fix to Workflow approval Statuses (Rem 3034990)January 2016Central Office
StudentImplement identification of transfer equivalencies for Undergraduate ApplicantsJanuary 2016
HRImplement inbound and outbound interfaces for Affordable Care Act (ACA) complianceMarch 2016Central Office
FinanceImplement Match rule for Vendor CatalogJanuary 2016Central Office
HRImplement modifications to track eligibility for benefits according to ACA regulationsMarch 2016Central Office
StudentImplement new Graduate Admissions solution (Slate) to replace ApplyYourselfOctober 2016
Finance, ITSImplement process for handling credits on ePro OrdersJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSImplementation of Permanent Plan for Payroll SuspenseQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSIn Bill Presentation capture the PeopleSoft journal id - match terms with InfoPorteQ3-16Campus
Finance, ITSIndirect Cost Allocation MethodologyQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSInstitute KK Recon ProcessesQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSINT305 – ORBITQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSINT329 – Issue in production runJuly 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSInteractive/Pushed Out Reporting - Budgets to ActualsQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSInteractive/Pushed out reporting - Cash BalanceQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSInteractive/Pushed out reporting - Foundation ReportsQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSInteractive/Pushed out reporting - Fund BalanceQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSInteractive/Pushed out reporting - Open EncumbranceQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSInteractive/Pushed out reporting - Payroll Detail reportQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSInteractive/Pushed out reporting - Payroll Projection ReportQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSInterim Balance Sheet for UNCCHMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSInventory, Document, and Validate Reports - SAS VA & InfoPorteQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSInventory, Document, and Validate Reports – nVisionMarch 2016Central
Finance, ITSInventory, Document, and Validate Reports – QueryApril 2016Campus
Finance, ITSInvestment GL Control Account / Affiliated Unit Blending ReviewQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSITS AuditQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSJournal Entry Workflow Mod Solution and DecisionDecember 2015Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSKK Redesign PlanningQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSKK SimplificationJune 2016Campus
Finance, ITSKK StabilizationMarch 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSKK StabilizationQ1-16Central Office
Finance, ITSLabor Expense Funding End Date Notification ReportQ3-16Campus
Finance, ITSLeave liability accrualJuly 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSLeave of Absence benefits charged to incorrect Combo CodeMarch 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSLink between CBM and Bill Presentation within applicationsInventory, Document, and Validate Reports – nVisionMarch 2016Campus
Finance, ITSLong Term Solution for Salary and Benefit ProjectionsQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSLong Term Solution to prevent Faculty Physicians Deductions on State FundsApril 2016Campus
Finance, ITSLSI 2016 – Legislative increase for Biweekly back to 07/01Q4-16Campus
Finance, ITSLump Sum Effort reporting enhancementsJune 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSLump Sum/Effort certification changesMay 2016Central Office
HRMake mandated revisions to GA's HR datamartJune 2016Central Office
FinanceModify combo edit to restrict 14104 to only use fund 271xx onlyJanuary 2016Central Office
HRModify ConnectCarolina to accommodate changes to State of North Carolina probation datesJanuary 2016Central Office
HRModify employee records to reflect changes in the number of standard working hours in the fiscal year (2080/2088/2096)June 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSModify Ledger Rollup report in InfoPorte to include Journal ID from PAATDecember 2015Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSMoney Market Allocation ChangeMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSNCAST distinction between UNCCH and GAMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSNeed dedicated instance for all budget changes for next year (Test Environment)January 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSNeed new allocation related to revenue quarterly adjustmentJuly 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSNew Business Unit – under UNCCH – associated entity of the UniversityJuly 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSORBIT errors Q2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSOSR - DFAFS ( Departmental Federal Assistance Financial Systems- Recipient Report of Expenditures)March 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSOSR - DFAFS (Departmental Federal Assistance Financial Systems- Recipient Report of Expenditures)Q1-16Central Office
Finance, ITS OSR Closeout - Verify that Finance delivered and custom forms take Project Status into account and modify as neededJuly 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSOSR Contract Closeout ReportMarch 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSOSR Contract Closeout ReportQ1-16Central Office
Finance, ITSOSR General Ledger ReportsFebruary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSOSR GL Expense Report Modifications – BI versionJune 2016Campus
Finance, ITSOSR Payment QueryMay 2016Campus
Finance, ITSOSR – SEFA (Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards)Q2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSOSR-Invoice RedesignMarch 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSOSR-Invoice RedesignQ1-16Central Office
Finance, ITSPAAT approvals tied to CA lockout – new project to Fix issue with CA lockoutMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSPAAT BugsJanuary 2016Campus & Central Office
FinancePAAT Labor and Expense Report EnhancementsFebruary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSPAAT Suspense Report NoteMay 2016Campus
Finance, HR, OSR, ITSPAATOctober 2015Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSPayables – Vendor record loses link to ImageNow attachment due to key issuesQ4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Accounting ReportQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSPayroll Accounting ReportJuly 2016Campus
Finance, ITSPayroll Automate balance adjustmentQ4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Configuration AuditQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Cycle Maintenance (Mod 185)July 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Post Confirm ReportingQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Report Publisher Security IssueQ1-16Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Tax Updates - Q2Q2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Tax Updates - Q3Q3-16Central Office
Finance, ITSPayroll Tax Updates - Q4Q4-16Central Office
ITSPeopleSoft 9.2 Planning: Investigate and Define Scope and ApproachJune 2016
 FinancePhase 1: Setup New Joint Venture Entity in PS (Qura)January 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSPhase 2 PAAT Corrections for paychecks override account for Fac Phys deductionsJune 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSPhase 2: Setup New Joint Venture Entity in PS (Qura)July 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSPhase 3 PAAT Corrections for any remaining paychecks that have Fac Phys charges on state funds or dependents/spouses charges on state funds or grantsJuly 2016Campus
Finance, ITSPI Reporting Infoporte Faculty Dashboard EnhancementsQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSPlan for 9.2 UpgradeQ4-16Central Office
HRPrepare and submit data to EOC for UNC's EEO planJanuary 2016Central Office
ITSPrepare for and respond to the State of North Carolina ITS General Controls AuditJune 2016
Finance, ITSProcess eCommerce charges through CBMQ3-16Central Office
Finance, ITSProcess mail charges through CBMJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, HR, ITSProvide 2014 W2s to employees via Employee Self-ServiceDecember 2015Central Office
HRProvide data for Medicare Data Match requirementsJanuary 2016Central Office
HRReimplement BenefitsFocus (due to a strategic change by the State Health Plan) and conduct Annual Enrollment January 2016Campus
Finance, ITSRelated Content for Workflow Approval Audit ViewInventory, Document, and Validate Reports – nVisionMarch 2016Central
Finance, ITSReport Publisher Security IssueInventory, Document, and Validate Reports – nVisionMarch 2016Central
Finance, ITSResearch Administrator Ledger/Grant Profile EnhancementsJuly 2016Campus
Finance, ITSResearch Administrators Grant Profile Tab EnhancementsQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSResearch Administrators Infoporte OSR Ledger Tab EnhancementsQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSRetro negative amounts in PAATDecember 2015Campus & Central Office
FinanceRetro retirementDecember 2015Central Office
StudentRevamp Academic Progress Reporting in support of Thrive@CarolinaFebruary 2016
Finance, ITSRework and Testing of Payroll CI LoadsQ4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSSalary Funding HistoryQ2-16Campus
FinanceSAS 7.1 UpgradeFebruary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSSAS environment clean upQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSSAS Infrastructure and StaffingQ2-16Campus
Finance, HR, OSR, ITSShort Term ARPDecember 2015Campus & Central Office
Finance, HR, OSR, ITSShort term LSIDecember 2015Campus & Central Office
Finance, ITSSource Request Conversion and Bug FixesJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSSPA Exempt hour rate changes from 2096 to 2088 Q2-16Campus
Finance, ITSSPA Exempt hour rate changes from 2096 to 2088 hoursJuly 2016Campus
Finance, ITSSpend Compass RetrofitInventory, Document, and Validate Reports – nVisionMarch 2016Central
FinanceSplit allocation role - run/view config and update configJanuary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSSponsored Revenue and Project TypesQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSStreamline payroll workbook (double payroll processing changes)Q4-16Central Office
Finance, ITSStreamline processing on double payrollsQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSStreamlining the Retro Pay ProcessQ2-16Central Office
HRSubmit data files to comply with ACA year-end reporting requirementsMarch 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSSubsystem ReconciliationQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSSummary Level Journals in CBM for Facilities and TelecomInventory, Document, and Validate Reports – nVisionMarch 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSSystem Modifications Due to Proposed FLSA ChangesQ4-16Central Office
Finance, HR, ITSTax Update 15EDecember 2015Central Office
Finance, ITSTemplate for RFQ and IFB changes required by the StateQ2-16Campus
Finance, ITSTIM Combo Code MaintenanceMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSTIM vs PS Time and Labor AnalysisQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSTIM/Kronos upgradeQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSTransaction Entry Page for units that do not have a correction process in Billing AreasInventory, Document, and Validate Reports – nVisionMarch 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSTrust Budget Roll queryMay 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSUNC Payroll Deduction Taken outbound interface (INT 398)July 2016Centra Office
ITSUpgrade the SAS/Visual Analytics environmentFebruary 2016
Finance, ITSW2 Consent to Waive Paper Form - ImplementQ4-16Campus
Finance, ITSW2 Consent to Waive Paper Form - PlanningQ2-16Central Office
Finance, HR, ITSW2 ReportingFebruary 2016Central Office
Finance, ITSWork Study – rerun of files since Go LiveQ2-16Central Office
Finance, ITSWorkflow for CHFDN Budget JournalsMay 2016Central Office
Finance, HR, ITSYear-end benefit changes and CA Configuration changesJanuary 2016Central Office