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IssueDate PostedSymptomStatus
Windows 7 or 8 users may experience issues printing from ConnectCarolina using Internet Explorer6/29/2017Windows 7 or 8 users may experience issues printing from ConnectCarolina using Internet Explorer.You can print from Internet Explorer by using the Print Preview feature. Additionally, use Firefox or Chrome when printing from ConnectCarolina. The technical team is working on a resolution currently. If you are experiencing issues, call the Help Desk.

Users may be experiencing issues with logging into TIM.

6/13/2017We have received reports that some users are experiencing issues with logging into TIM. We have received reports that some users are experiencing issues with logging into TIM. If you experience this, please try clearing your browser cache, cookies, and history. For instructions on clearing your cache for each browser, click here. Once you have cleared cache, close browser and reopen before attempting to connect to TIM. If you still continue to have issues after clearing cache, please submit a help request at 962-HELP (4357). Tickets will be forwarded to TIM-TIER 3 technical support.

Users receive an error message when they log in using a ConnectCarolina approval email.

5/4/2017Users receive an error message when they log in using a ConnectCarolina approval email. Reminder: Be sure to log in to ConnectCarolina only using the ConnectCarolina home page. If you receive emails about work list notifications, you can use these links to go into the system after you have logged in.

ConnectCarolina users are experiencing errors referencing "loadXMLDoc:-Error:NetworkError" when using the system.

5/2/2017ConnectCarolina users are receiving errors referencing "loadXMLDoc:-Error:NetworkError"This critical issue is being worked by multiple groups to identify and resolve the root cause. Some users have bypassed the error by switching to a diffferent browser. Please submit a help request with additional detail on browser and behavior to expedite the situation.
Program/Cost Code Tab in InfoPorte 9/21/2017We’ve had reports of issues with the Program/Cost Code tab in Infoporte.
Some budget entries are missing, and Rollup and Summary Transactions do not match on the program /cost code tab in Infoporte.
The technical team is currently working on a resolution

Resolved - 9/29
Finance Transactions Tab in InfoPorte7/10/20171. Fields within the advanced search section may not be applied as expected. 2. Some users may see Totals that do not match the sum of the individual transactions.The technical team is currently working on a solution.
Historic Personnel Actions link in ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll is not available

5/22/2017Currently, the Historic Personnel Actions link in ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll is not available. Currently, the Historic Personnel Actions link in ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll is not available. We are working to resolve the issue, but we do not have an estimate of when the functionality will be available at this time.
Users Ordering items From Perkin Elmer Experiencing Issues in Internet Explorer

1/26/2017Users in Internet Explorer ordering items from Perkin Elmer are experiencing issues.We are currently working with the vendor for a resolution. During this time, please use Chrome or Firefox browser to place your orders. For additional questions, contact the Finance Business Systems Help Desk.

Lenovo Accessories through the CCI page on ConnectCarolina are limited

1/13/17Users may have difficulties accessing a full list of Lenovo CCI offerings. Use Quick Order search to lookup Lenovo items by part number or use ‘Find linked accessories’ search to lookup items by machine, type, model number. We are working on implementing a solution. Please contact Finance business systems help desk with any questions.
Lump Sum Payment Reversal update1/12/17Issues with negative lump sum payment submissions. A negative lump sum payment action should be submitted to correct or reverse a lump sum overpayment. This is still accurate; however, at this time the system processes the negative amount immediately versus based on the effective date. As such, any negative lump sum payment will be automatically be reflected in the employee’s next paycheck. Therefore, a negative lump sum should be submitted in coordination with when the dock/reverse should occur.
Users are unable to access vendor catalogs (Staples, Fisher Scientific, etc) 12/6/16The ePro vendor catalogs (Staples, Fisher Scientific, etc) are currently unavailable. UPDATE This issue has been resolved. 12/2016
Some users are experiencing intermittent issues with attachments in ConnectCarolina12/6/16You may experience issues viewing and attaching documents, such as with vouchers, PAAT transactions, and ePar forms. The team is working to resolve this issue and we will provide updates as soon as we have them.
Approvers unable to approve ePARs with cost share funding9/19/16Approvers are unable to approve ePARs that have a blank or expired or expired funding end date on a cost share combo code/chartfield string.The Commitment Accounting BA team is working with the main Level 3 budget approvers - OSR and Budget, Planning and Analysis - to approve affected ePARs, verify they correctly executed to the system, and enter funding end date after the funding grid is in the system. For issues encountered at other Level 3s, please submit a help ticket so that the team can work with other Level 3 approvers. For issues encountered at Level 1 or Level 2 stops, approvers should recycle the ePAR back to originator to either enter the funding end date (if the end date is greater than the effective date), or remove the three project chartfields (PC Business Unit, Project ID, Activity) if the funding end date is less than the effective date.
Incorrect dates on encumbrance liquidations9/14/16At the end of FY16, POs on projects were rolled into the next fiscal year for the first time. In some cases, encumbrances existed in prior fiscal years even after the POs were rolled. Journals were entered to bring the encumbrance balances to $0. An incorrect date was used to determine which encumbrances were zeroed, resulting in some projects with incorrect encumbrance liquidations.We’re working now to identify the correct logic and best resolution for this problem. This in no way affects budgets or expenses.
ePar attachments8/22/16Users are unable to view the attachments associated with an ePar from the View an ePar page after the ePar has executed.HR Representatives (aka Complex Users) are able to view attachments from the Job or Position data pages once the ePar has executed. Student and Basic Users do not have the ability to view attachments for ePars that have executed. This is on our list of items to implement at some point in the future.
A small number of employees (approx. 50) may not receive the full LSI raise in their paycheck8/4/16We became aware today of a problem with how the 1.5% LSI increase was applied for some SHRA employees with future dated actions. These employees may not receive the full 1.5% increase in their B02 paycheck. The total number of employees impacted by this issue is approximately 50.The team is working on manually correcting the data for these employees and retro pay for the corrections will be applied in B03. Lists of the employees impacted by this issue will be distributed to the School/Division HR Officers and the Business Systems Desk.
Issues downloading to Excel from ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte7/29/16We have received reports that users are experiencing issues downloading to Excel from pages in ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte.UPDATE Important: If you download files from ConnectCarolina or InfoPorte:
Microsoft has released a software patch that causes a problem for those who download files from ConnectCarolina. If you’ve installed the software patch (and many computers will install the patch automatically), then when you try to download a file, the file simply won’t download. No message displays.

Microsoft has provided a workaround. Follow these steps:

For Internet Explorer and Chrome:
1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab on top.
2. Click Trusted Sites and then click Sites.
3. In the Add this website to the zone box, type the following sites one at a time and click the Add button after each:
4. Click Close and then OK.

For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Click the Open Menu button (the one with three lines in the top, right-hand corner), and then choose Options > Security.
2. Click the first Exceptions box.
3. In the Address of website box, type the following sites one at a time and click the Allow button after each: https://*
6. Click Save Changes.
(updated 8/5/16, 2:50pm)

Problem with how ConnectCarolina is recording transactions in various ledger groups6/21/16There is a problem with how ConnectCarolina is recording transactions in various ledger groups. At this time, only problems with journals have been reported and confirmed. We have found problems in July, August, November, May and June. IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR FINANCE USERS: A fix has been implemented and validated for the problem with how ConnectCarolina was recording transactions in various ledger groups. This is the final spreadsheet of missing journal transactions that we will provide. (last updated 7/13/16, 8:45am)
Employees not showing in directory5/25/16We have received Remedy tickets from employees who are not showing in the directory; yet they are active employees and did not request that their information be made private.Update: A fix to this issue was implemented on 5/31/16.
Future terminations causing Onyen deactivation5/24/16There is a known issue where FUTURE terminations are causing the employee’s onyen to be deactivated when the termination is executed, not waiting until the actual termination date is reached.Update: A fix to this issue was implemented on 5/31/16.
Summer School Job Codes5/12/16Two new job codes were added for Summer School for graduate students (800185 – Summer Teaching Assistant & 800186 – Summer Instructional Assistant). When these jobs are created with ePARs, the paygroup which is automatically added is EPT (EPA – Student / Temps UNC). The issue is that these job codes need to be in payrgroup SUM in order to:
1) allow for the LSP pay type of Summer School
2) be selected for the Summer School payroll processing
Updated 5/13/16:  All affected records have been corrected. The ConnectCarolina team will continue to monitor and update additional records. Once summer school is complete, the team will address ePAR changes needed before next year.
Change to Viewing Voucher Attachments4/7/16An enhancement for viewing Accounts Payable voucher attachments was put in place on 4/4/16 to prevent the Modified (date) and Modified By fields on the voucher from updating simply when someone viewed an attachment. Such updates are problematic from an auditing standpoint.Please note the enhancement to the Campus Voucher page now requires you to click Save before you can confirm the attachment is there by seeing the date/time stamp in the “Added On” column on the Voucher attachment page. Read more here. (last updated 4/7/16, 1:00pm)
Foreign Address Fields3/28/16There is a known issue on the Hire form where foreign addresses do not include the same required fields as US addresses.  This causes an error on the Biographic-Demographic update screens of the form.The team is working on a way to correct this error in the future.
Missing values in Description column on InfoPorte Transactions screen2/23/2016HR/Payroll transactions after the second half of December 2015 onward are missing values in the Description column on the InfoPorte Transactions screen.UPDATE: this has been corrected (last updated 2/25/16, 9:00am)
Labor expenditures in InfoPorte2/23/2016Actuals for labor expenditures are correct; however, the ledger roll-up and transactions tabs have not been updated in InfoPorte. This affects the B16 payroll and PAATs that were fully approved after 12:20pm on 2/16/16.UPDATE: this has been corrected (last updated 2/24/16, 8:35am)
PAAT processing on hold1/15/2016PAAT processing is on hold, pending new bug fixes.UPDATE: PAAT processing has resumed as of 2/4/16. (last updated 2/5/16)
PAAT Labor Expense Report1/14/2016There are known issues with the PAAT labor expense report. This report provides a summary of payroll accounting expense by accounting period.The (PAAT) Labor Expense Report has been enhanced with adjustments to filters,  changes to the data displayed, and bug fixes.  Details here. (updated 2/1/16)
State Appropriations Budget Allocation1/12/2016State Appropriations budget has been allocated to the funding source chart field string for the $750 Compensation Bonus expense with State Appropriation Source codes only (12001-12002, 13001 and 14001). Other funding sources are responsible for covering the $750 bonus compensation expense with existing funds.For your information; no action needed.
Journals budget checked in error1/7/2016Last week, eight journals were errantly budget checked.  These journals contained vouchers that were already budget checked and posted.  The extra budget check caused the amounts to double.UPDATE (1/13/16): We have corrected the extra entries.
Issue with Position Updates12/21/2015There is a known issue where some updates from Position Data do not automatically flow down to job data for the incumbent.The team is working on a way to identify and resolve these more proactively in the future.
FY 2015/2016 bonus payment12/18/2015
Due to a requirement from the Office of the State Controller, the one-time lump sum compensation bonus awarded to eligible employees was charged to account 514910 for tracking purposes.For your information; no action needed.
Routing Bug on Funding Swap Form12/18/2015
We have discovered that the Funding Swap form has a bug that causes some actions to skip the routing to departments that have had funding affected as a part of the action.UPDATE: this has been corrected (last updated 3/17/16, 10:30am)
PAAT Processing12/15/2015
PAAT processing is on hold, pending bug fixes.  Users can still initiate and approve PAAT transactions, but they won’t be processed until these bugs are fixed.UPDATE (12/18/15): PAAT processing has resumed after resolution of several bugs. However, due to other factors PAAT did not process on 12/17 and 18; PAAT processing will resume on 12/21.
Procurement: Campus Vendor -- new vendor class “Affiliate w/PID”11/25/2015
As part of an ongoing initiative to accurately classify Campus Vendors with a PID, a new vendor class “Affiliate w/PID” was added to the Finance System. This class is not yet available to choose on Campus Vendor pages, but a small group of vendors have already been re-classed by Finance to this new class. As a result if one of the vendors in this small group is pulled up in Campus Vendor the Vendor Class will show as “Invalid Value.”UPDATE (1/13/16): This issue is resolved. View this webinar on the changes that have been implemented.
ePAR Funding Grid issue11/18/2015ePARs with funding grids are getting stuck at authorized because the grid isn’t funded at 100.000%.SOLUTION: Please check the total percentage before submitting your ePAR, and use the reconcile button if necessary to true up (or down) to 100.000%
Budget checking10/29/2015ConnectCarolina is experiencing intermittent problems with budget checking.UPDATE (11/2/15): The technical team has identified a fix and is monitoring to ensure the fix is working correctly.
Project end date/ePAR issue10/20/2015Updated project end dates are not consistently being sent from Finance to HR.  This causes issues with using those projects on ePARs.UPDATE (11/11/15): The technical team has identified a fix and is testing it.  A remedy ticket should be submitted for ePARs with incorrect project end dates.
Approvers unable to approve ePARs10/8/2015In some circumstances, approvers are unable to approve ePARs.  They receive an error message" "Make an entry in the following required field(s) to proceed:  Annual Rate (24642,102)."  Approvers are unable to proceed and approve (or recycle) the ePAR.UPDATE (11/11/15): This issue has been resolved.
OSR Ledger roll-up issue in InfoPorte10/7/2015We have received reports that the department budget earning table rows are not showing up in the OSR Ledger roll-up in InfoPorte.UPDATE (11/3/15): This issue has been resolved.  The team will keep an eye out for any tickets or reports of a similar nature.
Trust budgets9/29/2015Campus has reported some concerns with the way trust budgets were rolled.Please see the 9/28/15 memo on this.
Revenue from cost share transactions from payroll allocation journals9/29/2015We’ve discovered an issue where revenue was incorrectly generated from cost share transactions in the payroll allocation journals (core data and transit fee).UPDATE (10/13/15): This issue has been fixed.
Commitment Control9/18/2015We’ve received some reports of transactions that are showing up on the actuals ledger but not in Commitment Control.We are investigating the issues.
Encumbrances on purchase orders9/18/2015We’ve received some reports of issues with relieving encumbrances on Purchase Orders.Please submit a Help ticket if you encounter this problem so the team can investigate the issue.
Dell ePro orders error message9/18/2015User receives an error message regarding security.Please use Internet Explorer (IE) for Dell orders. The project team is working with Dell to resolve the issue.