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HR eForms Save Time and Simplify Processes

September 10, 2020

Be on the lookout later this month for two new tiles on your Self Service home page. The HR eForms tile will appear for all active employees and the HR Approvals tile will appear for all active employees plus affiliates … Continued

The HR/Payroll Reporting Dashboard Gets Reorganized!

September 10, 2020

Believe it or not, the HR/Payroll Reporting Dashboard has more than 30 queries for use by HR representatives, including the two new reports we told you about earlier this summer, Payroll Prelim Report and Payroll Wage Change report. That can … Continued

BuyCarolina – Online Since August 17

September 10, 2020

BuyCarolina went live on August 17 and we decided to check in with some of you who used the tool to make purchases as well as the Business Systems Help Desk to find out how it’s going. Here’s what we … Continued

Enhancements to RAM Reports Save Time and Effort

September 10, 2020

On September 9, several enhancements were made to Research Administration Management (RAM) Reports to save you time and effort in managing financials for sponsored projects. The enhancements include: New Accounts Receivable (AR) Views with access to the AR reports are available from the Awards Summary page. A new Award “AR” tab includes links to … Continued

My Learning Launches with Over 1,700 Log-Ins the First Month

September 10, 2020

My Learning went live on July 28, and with a little over a month chalked up, we want to share some usage data, a few tips, and feedback from those who are already using the My Learning tool to manage their LinkedIn Learning, Office of Human Resources, and the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office learning opportunities. If you haven’t yet used the My Learning tool, you may … Continued

It’s Easier to Price Shop with BuyCarolina

August 3, 2020

In these budget-conscious times, getting the best deal on purchases for your department is more important than ever. If you currently use ePro to make purchases for your department, you’ll soon be introduced to a new tool called BuyCarolina. It’s … Continued

A New Go-To Place for Learning  

August 3, 2020

FERPA, HIPAA, Information Security … If you’re like us on the ConnectCarolina team, you have to take multiple training sessions each year, and each one is delivered a different way and comes at a different time. Sometimes it feels like training … Continued

New! You Can Access Deleted Journals

August 3, 2020

It’s frustrating to find that you need information or attachments from a deleted journal knowing you can’t search for it.  Well, you couldn’t until now. Starting July 17, the journal deletion process in ConnectCarolina was enhanced. Now, you can search for general ledger … Continued

ConnectCarolina Has Your Total Rewards Summary

August 3, 2020

Your 2019 Total Rewards Summary (TRS) is available in ConnectCarolina. The Summary is a 12-month snapshot (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2019) showing your total compensation, including your salary and taxes, the value of UNC-paid benefits, your accrued sick and … Continued

Coming Soon: Online Access to COVID-19 Accommodation Form

July 31, 2020

In our February 2020 newsletter, we told about the efforts made to simplify the process for requesting disability accommodations by moving the paper process online in ConnectCarolina. Making this process easier is especially important during these extraordinary times, as we make … Continued