Updating Supplier Address Just Got a Little Easier

February 13, 2019

Updating Supplier Addresses Just Got a Little Easier.  We heard you. You told us that updating suppliers’ addresses is sometimes frustrating because there isn’t enough address detail on one page to identify which supplier’s address you want to change. Sound familiar? … Continued

Enhancements to the Payroll Accounting Adjustment Tool (PAAT)

January 31, 2019

You are receiving this message because you have access to the Payroll Accounting Adjustment Tool (PAAT) in ConnectCarolina. We are sending this message to let you know about enhancements to PAAT. Beginning on Thursday, January 31 after 7:00p.m., the following changes will … Continued

New HR Access Form for UNC System Office

January 16, 2019

Hello System Office ARCs, We’d like to make you aware of a new form for requesting HR access called “Request for HR ConnectCarolina Access – UNC System Office.” This new form is specific to your needs in the System Office. Since many … Continued

Important Tax Return Document Available in ConnectCarolina

January 14, 2019

FORMAL NOTICE Dear University or UNC System Office Employee, Your tax year 2018 Form W-2 is now available in the ConnectCarolina Self Service menu. Remember that 2-Step Verification is required to access your Form W-2. Instructions for 2-Step Verification are … Continued

Placing Agilent Catalog Orders through ConnectCarolina

January 8, 2019

Hello, You are receiving this email because you have placed an order with Agilent through ConnectCarolina in the past year. Agilent has confirmed that there is an issue that is preventing orders from being placed correctly in any browser except Internet … Continued

Access Your Schedule and Class Roster in ConnectCarolina

January 7, 2019

Welcome Back Faculty! As you settle back into the swing of things, we’d like to share a quick refresher for accessing your Schedule and Class Roster in ConnectCarolina. For additional information on emailing students from the Faculty Center check out the Start of Semester Quick … Continued

Changes in Access on Campus Supplier pages

December 17, 2018

Hello, We are sending this message to let you know about changes to pages you may have access to in ConnectCarolina. Please read this information carefully. As we have shared previously, Information Technology Enterprise Applications takes its responsibility for securing our … Continued

Information about the OSR Campus Reports

December 13, 2018

Hello, You are receiving this message because you have access to the OSR Invoice Listing, OSR Payments, and OSR Contract Closeout reports in InfoPorte, and we want to make you aware of upcoming changes. After 5:00pm on Thursday, December 13, these … Continued

Upgraded Finance Software is Live

December 10, 2018

Welcome to the upgraded ConnectCarolina finance system and thank you for your patience during the outage. Time to dive right into ConnectCarolina and get started. Although most changes were behind the scenes, you will notice some changes to screen fields … Continued

Do You Know How to Enter Grades in ConnectCarolina?

December 5, 2018

Time to Enter Grades! Check the graphic below to find out how to find your grade rosters in ConnectCarolina from either the Faculty Center or the Student Administration left menu options. Click here for detailed instructions for entering grades. Remember that you do … Continued