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Additional Vendor to BuyCarolina Marketplace

February 28, 2023

Email Communication sent on 2/28/2023 From: ConnectCarolina Finance   You are receiving this email because you work in BuyCarolina Procurement Services is pleased to announce an additional vendor to the BuyCarolina Marketplace for orders up to $25,000. Available for purchasing Wednesday, March … Read more

Microsoft MFA Verification Process Changing February 27, 2023

February 21, 2023

Starting February 27, anyone who uses the Microsoft Authenticator app to verify their identity will use a new number matching process.  “Number matching” means that when you go through MFA (multifactor) Authentication, you’ll see a number that you will enter in the … Read more

New Accounting Standard Account Numbers for Requisitions

February 1, 2023

Email Communication Sent February 1, 2023 To: ConnectCarolina administrative users who create purchase requisitions From: Financial Reporting and Management Services Effective immediately, due to the implementation of a new accounting standard GASB 96 – Subscription Based IT Arrangements (SBITAs), two new accounts … Read more

Enhanced RAM Reports Replacing PI Dashboard

December 16, 2022

In an effort to streamline the sources of financial data for sponsored projects, plans are in place to decommission the PI Dashboard in Infoporte effective January 10, 2023.  The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Information Technology Systems (ITS) developed a more robust and detailed reporting tool for … Read more

Additional Vendors to BuyCarolina Marketplace

March 25, 2022

Email Communication Send Date: 3/25, 2022 From: ConnectCarolina Finance To: BuyCarolina Users Subject: Additional Vendors to BuyCarolina MarketPlace Procurement Services is pleased to announce four additional vendors to the BuyCarolina Marketplace for orders up to $5000. Available for purchasing Friday March 25, … Read more

Annual Terms of Use for Administrative Systems

January 20, 2022

Email Communication Send Date: January 19, 2022 From: ConnectCarolina Communications To: Faculty and Staff Who Use ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte or TarHeel Reports to do their work. Subject: Annual Terms of Use for Administrative Systems You are receiving this message because you … Read more

New Budget Pre-check Requirement

January 7, 2022

Email Communication Send Date: 1/6/2022 From: ConnectCarolina Finance To: Users who create budget journals or transfers Subject: New Budget Pre-check Requirement   Starting January 7, 2022, a successful budget pre-check will be required prior to submitting budget journals or transfers for … Read more

Collaboration is Key! New Streamlined Independent Contractor Process

November 4, 2021

A shorter Independent Contractor  form is now available to members of the public who serve on committees and advisory boards with the University. The new “Community Collaborators Form” streamlines the  independent contractor  process for both the collaborator and the University’s … Read more

NEW!  Community Collaborator Form

October 28, 2021

Email Communication Send Date: October 28 From: ConnectCarolina Communications To: Users who can create or update Independent Contractors in ConnectCarolina Subject: NEW!  Community Collaborator Form   Collaboration Community and Nation Start small and Think Big! You are receiving this message … Read more