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We’ve listed the questions (and answers) to questions that we’ve received about ConnectCarolina’s new look.

The Worklist tile functions a bit differently that you might expect.  The number of approvals it shows are only notifications.

When you click the plus sign on the right to see what ‘buckets’ the worklist items are in, that is also just a notification (not a link).

When you click anywhere on that tile (even if you click on the words that look like a link), your entire list of approvals opens showing all HR and Finance approvals that require your attention (The list in our example opened showing 378 results, which is the combined total of HR and Finance approvals).

To filter your list, use the Worklist Filters field at the top of the page.

To make changes to the Favorites you have saved, click the compass icon on the top right of the page, and then click the My Favorites star icon.  Click the Edit Favorites link to make changes to your favorites.

Tip: To organize your favorites, you can add a number before the name of the favorite and they’ll show in numerical order.

The size of your screen is controlled by your browser settings.  You can click “Ctrl” and + or “Ctrl” and – to increase or decrease the size.
The new version of the software that is behind ConnectCarolina removed the ability to create folders.  We have some tips for organizing your favorites without having folders.

Tip 1: In the description field, add a number before the name of the favorite and they’ll show in numerical order.

Tip 2: In the description filed, add the name of your folder before the name of the favorite and they’ll show grouped together.

We are working to get this fixed this week.

After hearing your feedback, we are working to design an easier way to get back to your worklist.  In the meantime, we received some great tips from our campus partners (like you):

Tip 1: Right-click on the link in the worklist to open the approval in a new tab so you can avoid going back to the home page.  This keeps the worklist open.  (Remember: the transaction you just approved will still show in the list, you can refresh to update your list.)

Tip 2: Use the compass on the top right of your page and open Recent Places which takes you back to your Worklist.